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  1. I actually used that app specifically for getting tickets to a Pirates game I went to last year. I was pleasantly surprised to learn of its other features (I currently have one game and one ballpark recorded). I'll probably use it again, though I don't travel much so it's not gonna be a very big list. So, they do include minor league as well?
  2. I saw an update from the mothership for the Raiders. Apparently they added an outline to their logo with the move to Las Vegas. I think it's a little unnecessary, but if they were gonna do this, they should've made it silver and/or a bit more thick.
  3. It's pretty underwhelming and dull, so I guess it does capture Indiana in a way. They could've at least added a checkered pattern in there or something.
  4. The definition for Renegades is "a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles." If they wanna go that route, just call them the Traitors or Defectors and have their logo be a portrait of Benedict Arnold.
  5. Too bad they can't go back to those because of the Hardwood Classics. They just had to fall victim to the 90's and add black.
  6. It's definitely lighting. Probably from the camera, although the arena could be a factor as well. But I noticed something, it's not identical but that number font looks similar to the one they are using now (minus the gold edge shadow).
  7. The NFC South is the worst-looking division IMO. Outside of Atlanta and Tampa Bay getting new looks, Carolina is outdated and New Orleans has several flaws that need to be corrected. Regardless, I'm confident the new Bucs uniforms will be an upgrade. They can't possibly be worst than the current ones... right?
  8. What is this that I hear about reality TV?
  9. Does this mean @IceCap is switching teams now?
  10. Seeing the uniforms in action, I really like the simplicity of the Defenders. They could pass for the NFL. The Dragons are probably my least favorite look. I don't like the color distribution and the logo looks like the head was sliced off.
  11. I like helmets where the logo doesn't get lost, which is why I like red for the Falcons. Their logo is mostly black so putting it on a contrasting color helps make it more visible and stand out. It's the reason I don't like their black helmets from the 90's and the Texans' navy helmet, for that matter. You could make the argument that the outlines help, but they don't help enough IMO and still don't stand out as well as they would on a different colored helmet. The Bills' red helmets aren't as bad because their logo is mostly blue, but none of it's elements get lost when it's on a white lid.
  12. I'm not sure why I originally came up with Dolphins Dynasty. I've never considered their back-to-back titles in the 70's as a dynasty. Maybe it was in hope of them winning multiple titles in the foreseeable future? Lol. Either way, I'll probably change it... when I think of something better.
  13. The Miami Seahawks and Miami Dolphins are two different franchises, so I don't think Seattle really had to ask permission.
  14. I'm pretty fond of the Rams' current logo (though it looked better with the metallic gold in it). However, it's more associated with their St. Louis days so I'd understand them going a different direction and moving away from it. Question: Who was the designer for it? I see similarities to the Dolphins logo from 1997-2012.
  15. I guess you can say there's no misery in Missouri? I'll just leave.
  16. If this ends up being true, the team and their fans are going to beat the outta that "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!" line.
  17. Dusty's resume reads more of experience than it does success. I would think of this hire as no big deal since the Astros are already talented and capable of making it back to the World Series. But the 2010 and 2012 Reds were among the best in the league those years and he was still met with early playoff exits.
  18. Just makes rooting against them easier now.
  19. I'd expect them to wear the navy alt around 75% of the time. It would totally be a Brewers thing to do.
  20. It must be nice to just go up to plate 3-4 times a game and do nothing else. Although, it's not like pitchers play every game consecutively so I guess the same can be said for them.
  21. Hearing that there were others, including one of his daughters, makes this even more tragic.
  22. This is hard to swallow. He was the player of the 2000's, but has also accomplished so much outside of basketball. People would say the phrase, "Kobe!" before making a shot, whether it was in basketball, another sport, or even in video games. Kobe was important to both his admirers and haters. He was that influential. I use to root against him during portions of his career, but after he retired, I learned to respect him more. 41 is also too young.
  23. After seeing the Super Bowl endzones, are the 49ers bringing back the saloon font full time? From what it looks like, they've been using it often since at least last year.