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  1. I don’t know, when I look at them they look the same. Any difference could just be because of the difference in materials.
  2. Most teams wore their alternates at home though. They’d just tell the visiting team way before hand what they were wearing and for them to wear something that contrasted
  3. They silver pants they wear with the. Navy jerseys don’t match the helmet?
  4. Well dean spanos went on an explosive filled tirade on how they aren’t moving. But if they were to, AFC south is the only place to put them. All 4 AFC East teams have 60 year old rivalries that can’t be broken up. If the south lost the Texans it’s not a big deal because none had that big of a rivalry during the past 20 years outside of a fist fight between the titans. London doesn’t need a team and should be happy with what ever teams they get to play there.
  5. Um the name originated when they were in LA...
  6. But the predators is a yellower gold, and Dallas uses a more kelly green rather than that forest. Their 2 colors are too close to each other.
  7. I’ve driven through both, atleast with SD you’ll randomly see a dinosaur out of nowhere. Nebraska has nothing but smells like manure the whole time.
  8. Yellow vs green would be an awful matchup
  9. You can when you are the only team in said big empty rectangle
  10. A beautiful game for what ever team except when it’s not...
  11. Chargers saints bills KC GB cards giants detroit ravens indy rams dallas SF
  12. It was the outline missing on the nets statement jerseys making them less legible which is what people complained about. Also having no outline mean they didn’t match the wordmark.
  13. Right because white should be the home team. Less color vs color the better
  14. I guess they ran out of money when it got to doing the wordmark and number
  15. Fonts don’t have to match logos. Especially in football where you rarely see both at the same time.
  16. While similar the uniform they wore was a 1960’s throwback that had different shoulder stripes.
  17. No, he’s currently not playing as effective. Sure most of that is due to having a :censored: O-line this year. But in the past he could atleast keep the team in games rather than the opposite
  18. They were cleats painted to look like joker faces
  19. So OBJ and Landry were wearing non authorized cleats. They threw a fit when they were told they couldn’t play unless they changed cleats. Browns gonna brown
  20. But in every sport the conference winners get an automatic slot in the post season. That’s how 7-9 teams can get into the nfl post season.
  21. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. It did not look good
  22. We get it @BellaSpurs, also there is no scenario where they would have 3 SEC teams in the CFB Playoffs. In that scenario all would have 1 loss, with 1 not even playing in the championship and their loss being to the team that lost the championship. Also if Clemson remain unbeaten you can’t leave them out. They are the reigning undefeated champs.
  23. Or just don’t angle the script, and maybe make the stripe just an inch thicker