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  1. I agree, that might be pretty good! I seen a recent MLB article about what might have been, and I immediately thought of this series. Then I forgot
  2. So glad to see this series back, but right now I just want to applaud you for admitting your mistake. Sadly, people like you are few and far between these days, but it is very encouraging that you aren’t too proud to admit when you’re wrong. God bless you sir.
  3. Sorry I didn’t think about this till now, but any chance of a Colt .45s alternate?
  4. I absolutely love this Stros set!! However, the trail on the shooting star on the orange jersey just doesn’t look right with white mixed in there. I understand why you did it though, so the orange doesn’t disappear on the orange jersey. Have you thought about maybe doing it in a blue gradient instead?
  5. I know on the shoulder rainbow uniforms, the Astros had a navy blue stripe down the side of the jersey and the britches. Other than that, these look great! I love this series!!
  6. I love these! For the Royals road jersey, how about making “Kansas City” white? I’ve always liked how the script really popped on their old road jerseys, and I think it looks better than making it blue. Other than that, great work!
  7. I am so sorry it’s so late, but any way you could take the beveling off of A&M’s logo? I think it would look a bunch better
  8. They should’ve listened to you. Great job and keep it up!!
  9. I’m sorry I’m a few months late in seeing these, but I just want to say they all look great! Only suggestion would be to just put a block T on the Rangers caps. Keep up the good work!!
  10. “Louisiana” would look good in script too.
  11. What if you tried a “Lafayette” cursive script on one of the baseball jerseys? I think that would look sharp. Pinstripes maybe?
  12. I’m so sorry that I’m commenting over a year later, but you have a bunch of great concepts here! I’d be hard pressed to find a bad one in the whole bunch! That being said, you mentioned that you took the gray away from Rice. William Marsh Rice chose the colors blue and gray to represent the North and the South in unity, so I doubt the Owls will ever take away gray. Again, though, great concepts and I’m really enjoying this series! Keep it up!