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  1. Hi! I think as a pun, a team called the ‘Whitecaps’ oughtta have literal white caps for their whole uniform... other than that, I think they’re amazing! Keep up the good work, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
  2. Astronauts— FINALLY!!! Hopefully the beginning of another championship dynasty!
  3. I know they were an affiliate of Washington, but the Austin Senators had a strong identity. But the Buffs were legendary.
  4. Ought to be a fun series, I'm certainly looking forward to it! Could you do all the other Texan D-I schools after the Big 12? Keep up the good work!
  5. Also, for the 'Stros, I think FULL tequila sunrise with all shades of orange would look much cleaner.
  6. It might be too late, but for the Indians, what if you were to make the feather point upwards instead of downwards? Then, the C kind of has life, like it's somebody's head wearing a feather band.
  7. I know it might be too late, but could we just see the 'Stros set with the cursive script on all the jerseys? I really liked the look of it.
  8. All great works of art!
  9. Do the alternates have NOBs?
  10. Ya know, I don't know about y'all, but I don't think teams with losin' records oughtta make the postseason. Therefore, until you expand again, how 'bout only having division champions make the playoffs? Or only 1 wild-card per league maybe? Just a thought...