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  1. It's a nice thought, but the Oilers history belongs to the Titans so this would never happen.
  2. Big fan of the teal on the Islanders set. Gosh it works so well with the royal and orange, and really helps the branding lean into the naval theme. I also love the Devils alt logo. Not a fan of the Nashville rebrand. For me, the Outlaws branding is even more disconnected than the Predators branding. I associate Outlaws with the wild west. The Predators name came from a saber tooth tiger fossil found in downtown Nashville. Interestingly, the logo was revealed before they held a fan vote for the name. What if you based a concept off of one of the other proposed names: Ice Tigers, Fury, or Attack?
  3. I'd go: Toronto Dodgers Philadephia Blue Jays Tampa Bay Pirates Los Angeles Rays of Anaheim Houston Angels Seattle Astros (bit of a stretch, but space needle) San Diego Mariners (naval base) Texas Padres (largest hispanic population in the US) Kansas City Rangers New York Royals (named after royalty) New York Braves (After FDNY) Boston Yankees (Sox fans will hate this, but they are the farthest north) Atlanta Reds (Matches the color of the other atlanta sports teams) Arizona Orioles (the Bullock's Oriole is found in the western US) Baltimore Diamondbacks (Diamonback terrapin is Maryland's state amphibian) San Francisco Twins (refers to the bay area cities) Oakland Giants (oaks are big you know?) Colorado Brewers (switching miller for coors) Cleveland Rockies (Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame) Chicago Cardinals (state bird) Los Angeles Nationals (Most NL Penants)
  4. I think we should delete this thread until you can actually post your concepts.
  5. As a former ultimate player, I love this. Will you be doing uniforms too?
  6. Washington looks amazing. Feels fresh and classic at the same time.
  7. Start another thread entitled NFL 2021 Onwards and I'll follow.
  8. If you look this image you'll see that the Cardinal's number font is different than what you posted. It may be a small difference in height and angling, but details matter. Also, for the Seahawks, why is their uniform details an excuse? Again, details matter in design.
  9. Number fonts are wrong all over the place- Titans are still wrong plus the number color for the TV numbers should be navy not white, Cardinals are off, Vikings are wrong, Seahawks are wrong, among others. These are really simple things.
  10. If I might make a suggestion, you could release all of the "current year" uniforms at the same time since you aren't making changes. Then you can go year by year with only updated uniforms from there. That would help keep interest alive. Also, you got the Titans number font and the alternates wrong.
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