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  1. Blasty uniforms looked pretty good last night. I wouldn't want the Flames wearing black too often but once in a while, why not
  2. Right, so according to Mr Graphic Designer here, the Blackhawks have a terrible logo because it doesn't look like facebook's icon when shrunk down
  3. It's probably just the tackle twill that reflects light differently than the jersey fabric, pretty sure in person they're the same color
  4. They're both very detailed logos. Have you ever seen an authentic Blackhawks jersey with the chain stitching? They're gorgeous. Boston's B has a triple outline. Nice try, yourself. Also, you conveniently forgot to talk about the extremely detailed Red Wings logo and the Leafs logo that has text in it Right, if you say so. By your own standards most of the logos fail but you sure like to move the goalposts when making your arguments I'm just saying it's not necessary to make a logo that looks good when shrunk down. It works for the Habs and Flyers and Blues but if the Blackhawks or Red Wings redesigned their logo with twitter and instagram icons in mind, I don't think a single person in the whole universe would be happy about that. Nothing wrong with a detailed logo with thin lines, it's primarily meant to be on a jersey anyway
  5. It's... never been a problem for the Blackhawks and Red Wings and Bruins and Leafs and countless... other logos that are seen as the best in sports...
  6. If by powder blue you meant the Hawaiian/electric/bright royal blue they used from 92 to 2001, agreed. They've used the same shade of blue as the Leafs and current Canucks since then and on its own or paired with a bright almost kelly green it's fine but paired with black, it's just way too dark
  7. The lines are too thick. As with all modern logos. They're too worried about what it will look like shrunk to tiny sizes on an internet sports page or in the newspaper in black and white when they should be worrying about what it will look like in full 10" by 10" size on the front of their jerseys
  8. Agreed. Not sure why so many people are saying it's a bad logo. Better than the generic clip art one they have no and the Edge era logo looks dated as hell now, worse than the original one imo. It's not perfect but it looks just fine
  9. Yeah, another embarrassing loss with lots of injury scares like that and I'm afraid we'll never see those blue jerseys again
  10. Andrei Markov needs an HM in my opinion. Some people would say Koivu. Cool idea for a series though
  11. These 2 pictures side by side just show how much better the originals were
  12. While you're at it, make the shoulders and back numbers white If you get my drift
  13. Well in an ideal world, wheat colored helmets wouldn't look disgusting and they could get away with a wheat away jersey lol I don't think they're bad, just a bit plain. It's the huge sleeve numbers, contrasting nameplates and hollow back numbers that look awful. With normal lettering, they would look decent imo. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed a Color Rush vibe to a few recent alternates. Dallas is especially guilty of it. Trying to cash in on the Cowboy's popularity I guess, so I can't really blame them but mono white just doesn't work with hockey uniforms They're gonna wear the RR more than the true alternates this year. A sign of things to come? I get that they've done it before, but that was a looong time ago and the reason for even doing it in the first place was because they were cheap. I'm sorry, contrasting nameplates look cheap and gimmicky. Just cause it's been done before doesn't mean they had to do it again. I get that they're trying to make it "their thing" but it's just another gimmick like when Buffalo used chest numbers
  14. And they're wearing them 7 times! I thought 6 was the upper limit. Yeah I know, one of those is an outdoors game, technically
  15. That shade of orange looks so much better than what they usually wear. And no stupid contrasting nameplates. I'd give these a solid 8/10. The 80s/90s template was better than the 60s/70s one
  16. Agreed 100%, except for the cannon 3rds ahah. Never liked those, and the fact that they came out when half the teams in the league had a double blue fauxback jersey with a roundel logo doesn't help
  17. Ah, the 90s. I get that not everyone liked Stinger, but I think lime green, navy and red was an interesting color scheme. And they used just the right amount of light green imo
  18. Yeah that's what bothers me I think
  19. Alright, my turn to be the contrarian lol. Something about the logo leaves me wanting more. I don't like the white numbers on the sleeves either. I mean, it's a great jersey, sure. Could have been better. Not sure how, though
  20. The color balance does seem a little off. Maybe with red helmets? Since they inverted the pants, why not the helmets while you're at it. I don't mind the white sleeves at all
  21. I like it, probably because it reminds me of these. Maybe I'm biased but I don't see anything wrong with rounded NOB font and block numbers. I could do without the outline on the Saints jerseys I guess, but I don't mind it either