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  1. If any of this is true, his friend better keep his resume ready.
  2. Apparently, it's Tommy and Susie that can't be left alone.
  3. I'm starting to see some calls here for the black jersey to be worn with the green pants. While pretty much anything is better than black monochrome, I don't see the black over green option being much better. Not with that plain white stripe. It all feels a bit disjointed.
  4. I never said I wouldn't eat it I have made that decision more than once.
  5. I lived in Toledo during the decade of the 90's. Met my wife there, got married there, have nothing but great memories. IMO its not that Tony Packo's is especially bad, it's that (Thanks to M*A*S*H) everybody comes to town thinking its THE place, and that if you're local, you must worship it. It's kind of like visiting Australia, and wanting to go to Outback Steakhouse. (I mean, maybe. Hell, I've never been to Australia, right?) Anyway,here's all you need to know about Tony Packo's. They serve something they call a Chili Sundae; That's a "Sundae" with sour cream instead of ice cream, chili sauce instead of chocolate sauce, cheese instead of nuts (I guess), and a cherry tomato. Read it again, if you don't believe it. (See, I can take a thread deep into left field, too.)
  6. Unnecessary, gimmicky, and awesome. (It can be all 3 right?)
  7. Good Lord ... I don't think I've ever seen that from this close.
  8. I'm not sure why anyone would be interested in that halfway compromise. Obviously, the Eagles have no plans for dumping their current sad emo-green and I have no interest in seeing the NFL help them with their bad choices by giving them a second helmet. Much like the San De...um, excuse me, Los Angeles Chargers, when your owner has crappy taste, you just gotta live with it, I guess.
  9. This is completely untrue. I don't live in NY/NJ and I'm having trouble thinking of anything that matters less to me.
  10. I dislike Iowa's number font. I just figured this was as good of a place as any to say so.
  11. I'm sure a big part of this is just the simple fact that I'm not a golf fan, but I really wish someone who was could explain to me the Tiger Woods thing. I watch ESPN and whenever some golf event is coming up, the gasbags that get paid to talk about it can barely contain their chubbies over the idea the Tiger could win again. I just don't get it... Why is it so important to everyone that this one guy win? I try to picture what it would be like if other sports we're covered like this... If they picked some team that used to be good but isn't now (say, the Detroit Pistons) and just openly rooted for them. To the point that they really just ignored every other team. From the standpoint of somebody who's really only marginally interested at best, it's bizzare. And the funniest part is, he never wins, and me, the non- golf fan seems to be the only one who isn't surprised. So they talk a bit about whatever faceless clone did win, they get back to how close Tiger was, and how he really seems to be putting it together. Then a month later, the whole senario plays out again verbatim. I don't know, maybe this is something that gets discussed a lot in golf circles, or I'm stepping into a mine field of stuff I'm unaware of. But from the distance of someone who has never cared one way or another, it's confusing.
  12. You say that like it's a bad thing. If wearing a white helmet discourages ugly combinations, even better. Sign me up.
  13. Yeah, I "left off" that "other reason" because it's nonsense. Opinions are not facts. Also, how does a white helmet limit combination options?
  14. White helmets - 5 - Chargers, Colts, Dolphins, Bills, Cardinals. Navy helmets - 6 - Rams, Bears, Broncos, Texans, Titans, Seahawks.
  15. At some point, I really soured on the Texans' uniforms. They seemed perfect at first, but the switch away from the red road socks was a huge downgrade, and it seemed to drag the whole look down with it IMO. A white helmet and red jerseys would reboot the whole deal, and would be pretty different from any other current team.
  16. My list of "still better than" would be Bucs, Browns, Titans, Falcons, Cardinals, Seahawks, Bengals, and Chargers.
  17. Well, they don't suck, so that's something. The black serves zero purpose. I hate the black uniform, and the black accents are so minimal and tacked-on everywhere else that if they just got rid of all black, this would go up several ratings points from me. Plain single-layer numbers and a gray facemask (BOOOMMM!!!) and I'd actually call this good. Is it just me, or do the 1's and 4's seem to be from a different font set than the other numbers?
  18. But at the time of the killings, the uniforms were being brainwashed by the Russians, so they really shouldn't be blamed.
  19. Why is the swoosh above the stripe when there's all that space below?
  20. Actually it did match the sleeve exactly, it's just cut off by Tarkenton's ankle tape job.
  21. You mean the helmet we haven't even really seen yet? Yep, pretty much zero chance this is an intentional Nike/Jets/NFL leak to "throw us off"... and only a very very very tiny chance that it's some random guy trolling the internet. If you're desperately hoping to see a different uniform tonight, you're best hope is that this is a screen shot of an earlier idea, created by the team and photoshopped onto a blank template picture the players posed for. It's at least possible that some guy surreptitiously stealing a screenshot might not have gotten the newest/latest iteration.
  22. Maybe. Or black to green gradient. Or a hidden pattern in the stripes. Or a butt logo. Or some screwed up nonsense on the upper back with the stripes. Something.