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  1. Based on the normal turn around time for introducing new uniforms, whatever they have coming was already being put together before last spring's reveal. Good or bad, it probably won't have anything to do with the public reaction to this season's uniforms.
  2. Start the count down until someone drags out the phrase "modern classic".
  3. The Seahawks don't need to change their current uniforms because they're on a down slide or because they haven't had enough success wearing them. The Seahawks need to change their current uniforms because they suck.
  4. I'm semi in for buffalo. I basically choose who I'm rooting for in the NFL playoffs based on who I hate the least, and currently the NFC is packed with teams I despise, so I plan to try to enjoy the AFC slate.
  5. Indianapolis vs. Buffalo Los Angeles vs. Seattle Tampa Bay vs. Washington Baltimore vs. Tennessee Chicago vs. New Orleans Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh
  6. When making uniform decisions, the one overriding factor all NFL teams should take into account is what do Europeans think.
  7. I go back in forth between the terrible number font, dreary shade of "green", and the odd shift from silver on the logos to charcoal gray on the uniform. It's strange that this mess has stuck around this long. I do like the sleeve logo, so that's something I guess.
  8. OK, that's an improvement, anyway. I guess I haven't noticed because every time I see them play, I'm just marveling at how they've managed to find another ugly combination of what should be a pretty nice look.
  9. I agree to a point. I'd get rid of the sleeve logo, and move the numbers there. I've never liked it when the helmet logo gets repeated over and over. In Carolina's case it's on the helmet, sleeve, and hip. OK, we get it already, that's your logo. Dial it back.
  10. If the Panthers would stick to silver helmets and pants, I'd like to see them keep what they have. Maybe just a bit of detail clean up. But since they've more or less destroyed their continuity with the endless parade of stupid looking combinations, it's hard not to think of them as an ugly team, even though there's a solid look under all that nonsense.
  11. Everything you're complaining about with this uniform is everything I love about it. The disjointed, piecemeal look is 100 percent it's charm, and any attempt to "fix" it ( like the total failure in the 90's) would just result in a boring uniform, indistinguishable from a dozen other teams. If they fix what's "wrong" with Ole Miss's look, I'd never bother to look at them again.
  12. Yeah, Illinois definitely seems more like an orange helmet team. Unfortunately, every concept I did with them in an orange helmet just looked like a version of something either they or Syracuse a already wore, and that didn't seem like much fun. I guess if I was hired by the team to actually deliver them a uniform design, it'd have an orange helmet, but since that isn't likely to happen and this is just a concept, I went with navy.
  13. That's actually a really interesting idea, because it's less about "tanking" and addresses the competitive issues that seem to always crop up in the last game. I wonder if there would be something similar someone could come up with to address playoff teams sitting their starters in the last game, which causes the same issues for teams trying to secure a spot.
  14. Agreed. The brown jersey with white pants is a classic NFL look. I like the orange pants but would rather see them as a limited option. Makes them seem special instead of just loud.
  15. Because Ohio State, you know, beat them. Like, in a game. On the field. Is this a serious question?
  16. Why do they even pretend there was the slightest possibility they weren't going with the ugly and minor league monochrome? This franchise has been making horrific uniform decisions for 20 years.
  17. Hey, Dabo. Next time, shut your fat hillbilly mouth.
  18. They have 25 players expecting to get drafted? Maybe they should raise their admission standards.
  19. Eh, I'm actually ok with the black numbers on the white jersey, because I think teal numbers would need a black outline and numbers without outlines are my current crush. However, you're right, having no teal on the jersey is an issue. I'd make the neck spikes and sleeve ends teal.
  20. I think these two combinations for the Jaguars are just a pants stripe away from being great uniforms... Every other possible combination they drag out is straight up garbage.
  21. Doug Flutie? \\ Does this count?
  22. Miami vs. Buffalo Baltimore vs. Cincinnati Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland Minnesota vs. Detroit Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay NY Jets vs. New England Dallas vs. NY Giants Las Vegas vs. Denver Arizona vs. LA Rams Seattle vs. San Francisco LA Chargers vs. Kansas City New Orleans vs. Carolina Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis Tennessee vs. Houston Green Bay vs. Chicago Washington vs. Philadelphia
  23. So you want a playoff system with at least 10 teams where the first round is mostly embarrassing blowouts? Ok. I'd watch.