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  1. That black pants worn with black socks makes this a loser in my book.
  2. Here's the thing. I can already tell you what the "multiple combinations" will be. All white. All yellow. All green. Full stop.
  3. Probably the best course of action for the Browns to take in regards to the new uniform is to write down everything @Silver_Star suggests and go as far in the opposite direction as possible. Should end up looking amazing.
  4. I have no idea what Oregon is planning with this new helmet, but the one thing I can say with complete confidence is that there is absolutely zero chance that it will "blow my mind". Their continued insistence on playing this game they already exhausted half a decade ago is just getting kind of sad.
  5. Yeah, this idea that the NFL would tell teams they can have a second helmet strictly for throwback purposes, and nothing more would ever happen is ridiculous. It's just some weird fantasy that only exists in the minds of members of this board... a world where a corporation would give that kind of nuanced thought to aesthetics over finances. What if they did, and the second helmet gave teams a bump in marketing, an extra mention on ESPN, something? What, teams that have always worn the same color shell just get left out? Some pushy billionaire just sits on the sidelines and doesn't elbow his way in? No chance. Don't kid yourself... A second helmet for anybody opens the floodgates. There's zero question about it.
  6. Agreed. If the Falcons, Bucs, and Eagles are so interested in wearing helmets in those throwback colors, they should just redesign their terrible unlforms to the old looks full-time.
  7. Hey, that's yet another great side benefit of the NFL's brilliant "One Helmet Rule". As long teams are smartly limited to a single helmet, they are much less likely to do something stupid and hideous. They don't want to be stuck with an ugly helmet full time (unless they're Tampa, I guess). You could see something bad being brought out with the excuse that it's only one or two games. Wow, the One Helmet Rule is the glorious gift that just keeps on giving. Here's hoping it never goes away.
  8. Teams that I think would look good with a gray facemask; Arizona, San Francisco, Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit, New York Giants, Washington, Dallas, New England, Buffalo, New York Jets, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Tennessee, Oakland, and Kansas City. Teams that I wouldn’t mind if they switched to a gray facemask; Seattle, Los Angeles Rams, Green Bay, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Atlanta, Carolina, Tampa, Miami, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Houston, Jacksonville, Los Angeles Chargers, and Denver. Every other NFL team should avoid gray masks at all costs.
  9. That statement used that face basically says, this opinion is crazy. And I agree.
  10. Yeah, that blue is beautiful. Which is why the Rams should be wearing it.
  11. Mmm... Close. They obviously need white pants, the white jersey needs brown numbers, and lose those giant contrasting collars. Oh, and never wear all orange unless you also wear oversized shoes and a big red round nose.
  12. On the Browns' old helmet, the one with the significantly better shade of orange, the gray facemask was perfect. On this ruddy sunburned orange? Brown, I guess... it's inferior regardless.
  13. Actually, the Cowboys should never wear navy, home or road. That's an amazing looking uniform. Dark royal blue and metallic blue-silver. Unique, attractive... why give that up for boring navy and silver? (Bonus points for the number font and sock stripes.)
  14. Plus the Bengals. And, IMO, you kinda have to throw in the Broncos... pre-Reebok, it's true, but they sorta kick startred the whole trend.
  15. Sure, but no team ever thinks they're debuting a "bad design"... Each time they must think they've got something good or they wouldn't do it. I don't think they're really all that worried that the current design proved ultimately unpopular. They got what they wanted... A big local buzz and a huge uptick in jersey sales. You think they'll pass up a chance to do that again, when this time they'll be just as sure they "got it right"? I also don't think they're all that concerned with how quickly they had to start over. It didn't matter to Jacksonville.
  16. I think there's zero chance the Browns just make the current color rush uniform into the new primary. There has to be a marketing build-up, teases, videos of the players showing fake excitement (I think they've already even done that), and just generally a whole lotta hoopla before they drop a new uniform into stores for the purpose of selling a ton of new jerseys. There's no way they'd throw that all away just for the current color rush. Unfortunately, this is also the reason I don't believe they'll just go back to the previous much superior uniform.
  17. Yes. Thank you. That truly sucks.
  18. White helmet, white pants, but non-white numbers? Hard to picture. In my mind, it doesn't work, and I can't think of any team that's tried it, off the top of my head. If fact, I can't really think of a team wearing white pants but non-white numbers on a dark jersey (example, the recent navy blue jersey Rams) that I thought worked.
  19. And the worst part about it was the blue pants. As long as this is monochrome from the neck down it goes without saying that this will always be their worst choice. And there really isn't even a quick save. If you use white pants, then the gold numbers don't work, and if you use gold pants, then the white helmet will get complaints. Enough Band-Aids and partial fixes. The chargers need to stop half-assing it, go ahead and adopt light blue and gold as their color scheme and design a new uniform specifically for those colors. Use the 60's as a reference, but get it right.
  20. More shots of this "matching helmet to jersey" stuff... That purple is loud AF.