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NHL Playoff Bracket Wallpaper Round 3 (Updated 5/25)


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I just checked the team icon boxes and I'm using all primary logos. Just checked also to see what the Minnesota Wild's primary is still not sure, but using the bear/wildcat logo. Wish they'd use that logo on their home sweaters.

Blue is the majority for Vancouver. Anaheim's background is orange/copper gradient for orange county and it just looked better than black or gold to me. Other than that I think each team's background is their primary color.

I hope to have these up tomorrow, so there will be a few days to fix any errors, and make adjustments before Wednesday's games.

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NHL Stanley Cup Bracket Wallpaper has been released. Get it here. It's also now in the OP as well. Let's take a look and then I'll give you some info on it.


A Neutral Zone, background, with the Eastern Conference on the right and the Western on the left. Including the Conference Logos, Playoffs logos.

I had the idea for the center ice themed wallpaper for a while, figured the Stanley Cup Playoffs would be a good time to utilize the theme. Looking at photos of NHL rinks for reference, I notice quite a few teams if not all have some sort of design along the center line, be it a plain square to the fancy-shmansy logos and such. Well, like the sizzling roundel fad, I too got somewhat creative and added the silhouette of the Stanley Cup.

You might notice a four faint objects to the right of the Western teams and to the left of the Eastern teams, hmm wonder what those could be. :D

The ice effect you see is part one of my patterns created a couple years ago for one of these wallpapers, merged with a cool effect I discovered while just goofing around. Sometimes, the coolest creations are unintentional. Because of this cool new effect, I have some ideas on the how to incorporate it, and think I might do a iPhone or Desktop series, for not just playoff teams but any and all teams - more info on that hopefully soon and possibly in a new thread.

Also, I was thinking about adding team records and point totals, but just wasn't sure where to put them. If anyone has suggestions or ideas let me know and I can add them in the next update.

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Day 6 complete. Anaheim and Montreal up 3-0 in their series. Blackhawks, Flames and Wild and Rangers up 2-1 over the Predators, Canucks, Blues and Penguins, respectively. While the Fighting' Yzerman's of past and present are knotted up at a game a piece.

Link in my sig.


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