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Personally, I would find this very interesting and would like to see what teams the NFL would welcome and see how the logos and uniforms would evolve. (You would think the NFL would have team change their branding, too.)

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Yeah actually I had a look at the original page that had the idea and it's giving me some thoughts.... ya know if one team stays in an area then basically another team doesn't have the means to exist per say.

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I actually have a pretty big idea for an NBA Defunct Saga thread inspired by SFGiants58's MLB Defunct saga thread, Problem is I'm not exactly a skilled designer like the talented people in this forum, but I do think the concept is good enough for a designer to turn into its own separate thread.



Anderson Packers

Baltimore Bullets (I)

Baltimore Bullets (II)

Buffalo Bisons

Buffalo Braves

Charlotte Bobcats

Chicago Stags

Chicago Zephyrs

Cincinnati Royals

Cleveland Rebels

Denver Nuggets (I)

Detroit Falcons

Fort Wayne Pistons

Indianapolis Jets

Indianapolis Olympians

Kansas City/Omaha Kings

Milwaukee Hawks

Minneapolis Lakers

New Jersey Nets

New Orleans Hornets

New Orleans Jazz

Oklahoma City Hornets

Philadelphia Warriors

Pittsburgh Ironmen

Providence Steamrollers

Rochester Royals

San Diego Clippers

San Diego Rockets

Seattle SuperSonics

Sheboygan (Commanders)

St. Louis Bombers

St. Louis Hawks

Syracuse Nationals

Tampa Bay Raptors

Tri-Cities Blackhawks

Toronto Huskies

Vancouver Grizzlies

Washington Capitols

Waterloo Hawks



Anaheim Grizzlies

Anaheim Royals

Anaheim Seraphs (ex-Sonics)

Buffalo Grizzlies

Chicago Lakers

Kansas City Hornets

Kansas City Knights (ex-Sonics)

Kansas City Lakers

Kansas City Raptors

Las Vegas Gamblers (ex-Sonics)

Louisville Grizzlies

Louisville Hornets

Louisville Raptors

Nashville Hornets

Nashville Timberwolves

New Jersey Swamp Dragons

New Orleans Grizzlies

New Orleans Timberwolves

Rochester Raptors

San Diego Hornets

San Diego Timberwolves

San Francisco Lakers

San Jose Surf (ex-Sonics)

Seattle SuperSonics (ex-Kings)

St. Louis Kings

St. Louis Spirits (ex-Sonics)

Virginia Raptors

Virginia Beach Kings



Kansas City Knights (ex-Pelicans)

Kansas City Nets

Las Vegas Bucks

Las Vegas Gamblers (ex-Pelicans)

Louisville Magic

Mexico City Hornets

San Diego Suns

Seattle SuperSonics (ex-Pelicans)

Seattle SuperSonics (ex-Timberwolves)

Vancouver Hawks

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