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Best NFL Practice Uniforms


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Hey everyone

I wanted to start another topic, this one about NFL practice uniforms. I've noticed a lot of teams recently getting newer (colored) practice uniform which I think are pretty cool. The Seahawks added a bright green practice uni this year to go with the classic whites and navy. Post your favorite NFL practice unis

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The best were the Bucs practice unis from the 2000s


I was in the opposite camp because they would be muddled from far away. But since training camp jerseys aren't meant for cameras I liked that they were different.
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The Panthers updated their practice uniforms this season. They look more like their on field jerseys, minus the shoulder stripes (a change I would love to see). It can be hard to find a good pic of them on because so many players wear them rolled up due to the crazy SC humidity + heat. All credit goes to Jeremy Igo at carolinahuddle.com for these awesome pictures.

Here is some in shorts:


Here is Luke in blue with the official pants (love this one):


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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