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2015 MLB Bracket


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Nngh. I've been a lifelong LA fan, but I really want the Cubs to come #BackToTheFuture and win it all. Also, my little league team was the Astros and we won my league and up to the East region semi's.

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Turns out Back to the Future was wrong too. Perhaps 2016, the 100th anniversary of the Cubs calling Wrigley Field home.

Amazing it took 99 years for them to win a postseason series in front of their home crowd at that venue. Boggles the mind.

Not to mention this was the first ever World Series that did not feature any of the "original 16" teams.

The original 16 to me are Yankees, Red Sox, Orioles (formerly St. Louis Browns/Milwaukee Brewers) Tigers, Indians, White Sox, Twins (formerly Senators/Nationals), Athletics, Phillies, Pirates, Cardinals, Cubs, Dodgers, Reds, Giants, and Braves.

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