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I attend many a Blue Jays game, and the two things about the uniform that impresses me is the new, unique shades of blue and gray. I disappoints me so much to barely see the blue.

Thank you for the nice concepts.

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They have been selling new look Jays caps in that new shade of blue at the Dome this year and I must say... it doesn't look great. The blue is too bright when it is the primary colour. I have no problem with the black on the road, but for the home, and home alts, I would like to see them in a slightly darker shade of their current blue, with a single stripe on the sleeve.

I am also strongly in favour of using the original road jerseys as a road alternate (regular grey pants only please!)


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I guess I'm the only one here who doesn't like this... I'm sorry Snowcap.

You completely got rid of the Black, which would provide an effective contrast between the blue and grey when used properly. That's what I think is the key to making a Jays concept work, not just getting rid of colours.

You know what this reminds me of? The Florida Marlins in their inaugural year. The hats were teal that looked way too bright in the sun.

Look, the Orioles don't wear Orange hats so I don't see whats the big deal with the Jays needing to have blue ones.


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