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MLS Redesign (FC Dallas Added)


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The MLS often has very bland kits, so I decided to take a stab at redesigning them. Starting with NYRB and NYCFC. I'm starting with these teams because I got the idea for this by trying to fix their rivalry game.



New York's RedBull team is the only one in the system that doesn't have matching kits, and recently they unveiled a decent home kit, but it wasn't perfect. I changed their lines to the outline of the George Washington Bridge that connects New Jersey and New York since the RedBulls play in Newark.












For NYCFC I wanted to incorporate aspects of the New York City such as their flag, and pinstripes as an homage to the Yankees.










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Love the NYRB set, especially the blue and yellow kit, looks really sharp!

Pin strips for NYCFC as a tribute to the Yankees is a nice touch I think too.


Also can I ask: what mockup template are you using?

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The third kit for NYC is so smart, yet subtle. There's more than one way to mock the rail system on a jersey and the two stripe approach was the classy way to go. As far as Red Bulls, I'd love to see them drop the Red Bulls off the back of the jersey...and I don't think the bridge design adds anything to the set. I'd remove that and let the chest logo, which is unique to MLS, do the work there. 

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