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US Super League 2018-2019 (18/64)


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I hope you are all as excited as I am for this...



About a year after starting my first USSL project (which you can check out riiiight here -->> http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/112765-us-super-league-champion-crowned/), I started working on the 2nd edition of (to my knowledge), the boards only US Champions League style project. I truly think that this is a huge improvement off of last year's work. I took your C&C into consideration for this year's edition, and made a few tweaks. The magic number of 64 teams remains the same, with the same format from last season. In the 2018-2019 edition, there are 26 completely new teams added, with at least one from each league. 11 teams received new kit manufacturers, which was my attempt to spice things up and keep a sense of realism. I'll be posting the teams in order of their finish in (simulated) league play from last season, instead of alphabetically. I'll still post a list of the teams with active links to their respective concepts though. And yes, there will be a voting system at the end to simulate the results once again. If you're unfamiliar with my previous edition of the League, I will have a brief description of the changes I made for the teams if they are a returning team. Also to refresh your memory, Olympique Detroit are last year's champions as the defeated Oakland SC in the final 3-2 (You can check out the full history of the league in my first project). Well now that all has been said that needs to be said, the first (of many) team is below. 

Remember C&C is always encouraged and welcome.




Annapolis Militia SC

Athlétique Club Louisville

Atletico Santa Monica

Austin Republic SC

Beacon Hill Union

Beaverton SC

Bethlehem Steel SC

Blue Ridge United SC
Bridgeport Town SC
Brooklyn Wanderers SC
Capitol Hill SC

Charleston Arsenal 

Dallas Rangers SC
Dallas Sporting Club

Daytona Racing Club

Deportivo Miami

Dorchester City SC

East Harlem SC
Fort Wayne Railworks SC

Frontier United SC
Hampton Roads SC
Hartford City SC
Houston Independence SC
Hāle Pa'ani Waikiki

Hunters Point SC
International Gardens SC

Kings and Queens SC
Lake Erie SC
Lauderdale Athletic Club

Lincoln SC
Manhattan Calcio

Nashville City SC
Newark Athletic Club

North Star United

Oakland SC
Ocala Riders SC
Oklahoma City Athletic

Olympique Detroit

Pacifica SC
Peachtree SC
Pittsburgh Ironworks SC

Providence SC
Puget Sound SC
Racing Club Charlotte

Real Palmas CF
Rockies SC
Rose City SC
Roughnecks SC
Royal Baltimore SC

Sacramento Republic SC
Saint Joseph SC
Saint Paul SC
Salt Lake United

San Antonio Mission SC

San Diego CF

SC Cincinnati

South Philadelphia SC
Sporting Phoenix

Sporting Shasta

Tampa Bay United

Toros SC
Venice Beach SC
Vulcans SC

Willis United



Annapolis Militia SC

“The Midshipmen”

Annapolis, MD

League: Potomac Premier League

Kits: Under Armour

Colors: Navy and Gold

Sponsor: U.S. Naval Academy

Year Founded: 1935

USSL Titles: 0

League Finish: 1

USSL Rival: Royal Baltimore


What’s New: New USSL team





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Last season's semifinalist, and the recent Californian champion...


Sacramento Republic SC

“The Bruins”
Sacramento, CA
League: California Soccer League

Kits: Nike

Colors: Red, Beige, and Brown

Sponsor: SanDisk

Year Founded: 1932

USSL Titles: 1

League Finish: 1

USSL Rival: Saint Joseph


What’s New: Plain beige stripe with rugged edges for home, white California flag mimic for away




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The six-time champions, and current champions of the Metropolitan League...


Brooklyn Wanderers SC

“Blue and Golds”

Brooklyn, NY

League: Metropolitan Soccer Association

Kits: Adidas

Colors: Blue and Gold
Sponsor: Citibank

Year Founded: 1925
USSL Titles: 6

League Finish: 1

USSL Rival: K&Q



What’s New: Words on crest rounded better, Thinner stripes going to sleeves and back for home, black with sublimated bridge used instead of white used for away



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Dallas Rangers SC

“The Bulls”

Dallas, TX

League: Texan Premier League

Kits: Puma

Colors: Red and White

Sponsor: ExxonMobil

Year Founded: 1930

USSL Titles: 7

League Finish: 1
USSL Rival: Dallas SC


What’s New: Red base with thin blue stripes in between for home, white to blue gradient instead of blue and red for away



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South Philadelphia SC

“The Eagles”

Philadelphia, PA

League: Pennsylvania Soccer League

Kits: Nike

Colors: Blue, Red, and Yellow

Sponsor: Comcast

Year Founded: 1934

USSL Titles: 0

League Finish: 1

USSL Rival: Bethlehem Steel


What’s New: Red stripe moved to top with yellow pinstripes for home, Maroon and sky “vintage” style instead of yellow for away





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So excited this is back. The first iteration of the USSL was the best series in a long time. Absolutely love the South Philadelphia secondary with the throwback Comcast logo too. Love Annapolis' addition to the competition, can't wait to see the rest of the new teams and the updates for the old.

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Sporting Phoenix

“The Firebirds”

Phoenix, AZ
League: Four Corners Premier League

Kits: Puma

Colors: Maroon and White

Sponsor: US Airways

Year Founded: 1958

USSL Titles: 0

League Finish: 1

USSL Rival: Toros

What’s New: Change to Puma from Under Armour, white stripe across for home with white shorts, beige and maroon instead of orange and blue for away



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Frontier United SC

“The Bison”

Cheyenne, WY
League: Yellowstone Premier League

Kits: New Balance

Colors: Green and Gold

Sponsor: Sierra Trading Post

Year Founded: 1965

USSL Titles: 0

League Finish: 1

USSL Rival: Rockies


What’s New: New USSL team



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Vulcans SC

“The Iron Men”

Birmingham, AL

League: Southeastern Soccer League

Kits: Umbro

Colors: Red and White

Sponsor: BBVA Compass

Year Founded: 1960

USSL Titles: 0

League Finish: 1

USSL Rival: Peachtree


What’s New: Change to Umbro from Adidas, more black used, with white stripe across for home, black with “melting iron” color used rather than blue for away



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