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Re-Designed Buffalo Bills Logo

Nick 1733

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I mean this in the nicest possible way....

but this mod is equivalent to putting ground effects, spinning rims, and neon flames on an '83 Civic.

The additions serve no purpose. They aren't functioning to reveal form. The bills logo is a highly stylized silhouette.

This mod doesn't change that fact. Instead you've added shapes that only serve to detract from the simplicity a silhouette provides.

In a word, arbitrary.

Nothing is harder than a classic, subtle upgrade. I'm with you in theory, but I think it's back to the drawing board.

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lose the red on the tips of his fur and the blue mohawk thing above the stripe, and youve effectively modernized, beautified, and incorporated the bills new colors into their logo. (its still only 2 colors as of now) so for all you naysayers up there, THE MODIFICATION IS FUNCTIONAL. it incorporates the bills third color. so ha. great work. simple, FUNCTIONAL, and traditional all at the same time. :P no offense to the previous posters.

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EXCEPT for the blue mohawk design and the red tips (that means picture it without them), it totally does keep the traditional simplicity of the bills silhouette AND incorporates the third color into the logo, reselting in . . . drumroll . . . better uniform continuity and a much more attractive overall logo while still having the classic bills flaverrrr. (that new stripe youve created is far superior to the old tapered block one)

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Overall, I think you've blended the current logo and the new dark blue color well.

I only have two suggestions:

1. Take out the "shark fin" blue that is intended to resemble buffalo hair above the swoosh stripe. From a graphics standpoint, this feature will not show up well from a distance.

EDIT: just saw that you did this already. sorry. As a Buffalo resident, and a fan of the Red white and blue, I'll leave you with number 2.

2. I think the whole logo, and the Bills new Uniforms as a whole, would stand out more on a White Helmet, Red Facemask, and Red White and new dark Blue Stripe. No more Royal Blue!

Again, Way To Go! You prompted me to join up and give my comments!

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