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OKC Redhawks concept


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Every now and then, there are dead identities that I never got around to before a rename.  While the OKC Dodgers actually wound up with a good look, I preferred the Redhawks' logos.  The home and away aren't really anything groundbreaking, aside from a  little something I borrowed from the Oklahoma state flag, the thick, small crosses representing stars, a nod to the many natives there.


The alts...the same design as the mains, the red one has the redhawk on the chest, the tan uniform has a big OK on the front, with CITY on the K in small letters.  The red cap paired with it also has the OKC monogram given a different treatment.


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I agree that OKC currently looks good, but I'm happy to see different names from the parent teams. 


The cross pattern works pretty well... Good idea there.

The gray-brown away is smart. The tan alt is definitely the nicest of the set. A real beauty.


I'd be interested in seeing if you could prioritize tan or brown over blue for a more interesting color balance, though!


Good work!

(it hurts to compliment OKC stuff... Go Sonics!)

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