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Nfl hockey x-over thread


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I guess it would have been asking too much to put a hockey helmet on the Raider. :P  

Somehow, knowing Al Davis, his hockey Raider would have had a goalie mask with an eyepatch over it.  

I really like the 49er sweater and I have only one recommendation for it.  I would replace the SF lettering on the shoulders with the old leaping 49er logo that the team used during its AAFC and early NFL days.

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yhollander the raider's helmet could just as easily be a hockey helmet  :P

and on the leaping prospector thing, I decided not to use it because when I do these I do so thinking how the teams in real life would make them. as a result, the prospector would not be used simply because of the fact hes wielding pistols. It would be condemned by over protective parents throughout suburban america for that very reason  :( .

However, I do intend to use a couple of modernized throwback logos on some of these NFL x-overs!

oh, BTW, I just added my three newest concepts

Chargers: this is one of the more daring concepts Ive ever done. I saw the modernized horse w/ shield logo on the SLE and thought 'whoa! that would be a cool hockey jersey crest!' so thats what I did. I also put the traditional lightning bolt logo where it traditionally goes: on the helmets! Stay tuned, I just might crank out an alternate jersey for this one! (powder blue??)

Seahawks: mines a little more traditional then NYseahawk's concept. I pretty much wanted to keep the feel of the football jersey with how the striping is.

Browns: OH MY HE DID A BROWN CONCEPT!!! seriously, though. I did this one because I felt it would be a challenge to crossover a team whose primary logo is a FOOTBALL HELMET! therefore what I did was of course, not use the helmet and use the wordmark in Rangers-style placement. I bet I get lots of positive reaction on this one  :)

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These all look awesome SHARK. I love the Seahawks and the Browns esp. The Seahawks just goes to show you how a radical design in football is traditional in hockey

As for not using the prospector. You used Chief Nokohoma on your Braves concept. Then I thought of your reasoning and was like, of well he's right, guns won't appear on the uniform. But then, I thought...a Native American team is not gonna bring back an Indian head logo anytime soon. So you could use it...

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just added three more

Broncos: obvious route to go was of course the sharks style gussets, so thats what I did. However I did make a shoulder logo that merges the old with the new

Packers: nothing extremely creative, but it works for them. its basically a long sleeve version of thier football jerseys

Falcons: since the thrashers template wasnt used for the braves, well I thought it would obviously work for the falcons. especially with the new logo.

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They look really good:

SF: Use the oval-less SF as the primary on the road, and prospector on both jersey's shoulders (STL's reasoning is solid). The hem trim seems to push the back numbers up a little too high and too close to the name... is this just me?

Oakland: Looks fine... don't like the numbers without the outline on the black, but I know you want to keep certain aspects consistent. The Raiders helmet could look a little more like a hockey helmet with a few adjustments, or you could go with a Mighty Ducks old-school hockey mask style with an eyepatch... your call.

SD: Looks good as well. Good primary logo choice. Not sure I'd do that with the helmet, but that's your call. Might look cool, actually. Don't like the Chargers wordmark below the collar (might look better on the back just under the collar?), but otherwise excellent work.

Seattle: Hem trim comes a little high, but otherwise fantastic. The primary looks good, although you can tell it's supposed to be a football helmet logo, the way it distinctly suggests motion in a specific direction. Not your problem, good work. Seahawks wordmark less noticeable on this one, although I still think those belong on the back just under the collar. *Please note: This argument will stand for all x-overs with that going on.

Broncos: I love it! The only thing I'd do is move the sleeve stripes to the cuff to make the cuffs all orange, maybe curve that cut then a little (hopefully this is clear enough?). I'd also replace the shoulder logo with some shoulder numbers instead, but I understand some older Broncos fans might appreciate a salute to the old days.

Packers: Perfect, except for the *argument. A traditional football team translated into a traditional hockey jersey. Well done.

Browns: I understand this must have been difficult for you. How did you bring yourself to type those RGB's or CMYK's in? Anyway, good use of the wordmark. That's why you're the X-Over Legend.

Falcons: This jersey cut fits the logo beautifully! Really looks like they were meant to be together. That Falcons logo looks better as a hockey jersey logo than on a football helmet, well done.

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in syphi's eyes, there are no concepts that couldnt stand a little tweaking! :;):

as far as the *argument, I will only do this with teams that dont have the team name on the logo. notice I didnt do it for the Raiders.

the seahawks logo, thats the main challenge doing NFL x-overs to hockey. simply because most logo are specifically designed to be used on a football helmet. which is why I didnt go with just the plain lightning bolt as the crest on the chargers jersey. Some, like the raiders logo, translate well to use as a hockey crest.

I know exactly what youre saying about the broncos cuffs. I tried it and didnt like it. It reminded me too much of the sharks, and i am reluctant to give any x-over a look too similar to the san jose sharks

and like I said, I will be doing some alternate jerseys for some of these teams as well, once the project is complete

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hopefully nobody will edit these ones :angry:

Sorry.  :(  I was going to comment on the Seahawks one and say that might be a way you could "un-footballize" the Seahawks logo, but I was bored and hadn't done a design in a while so I decided to do it myself. I didn't think you'd mind, and I have you credit...


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two newest concepts

Detroit Lions: used LA Kings template. and no I did not use my modernized logo. I tried it and felt it would be best to stay authentic with this one. so lets put that issue to rest before it starts  :;):

Miami Dolphins: inspiration came from the last hartford whalers jerseys. these colors translate really well to hockey in my opinion. oh, and the dolphin is also wearing a hockey helmet!

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hopefully nobody will edit these ones :angry:

Bitter, party of one!  :D

These are great work, though I was hoping to see your  re-worked logo on the Lions jerseys.

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