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Who needs new logo ?


Who needs a new logo ?  

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Ok who do think needs a new logo in the CFL ? Personally I think the B.C Lions, because they really only have the orange, and black, and silver on the helmet. Its kind plain, and needs another colour in their. Now this is just an impoin, so no arguments here lol. Anywaze who you think needs a new logo ?????

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you messed up on the voting man you only got one vote choice. you enter one option per line, not all on one line. ask a mod to throw this in the graveyard and start it over correctly.

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I have fixed said poll... but who ever votes for the riders should be run up a flag pole.. i have also added a No One option as I like all of them as is... the weakest is probably BC but I still like it...

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As an American I wont mess with Canada but If I had to Choose I would say either BC, Hamilton or Calgary. All Calgary is is a white horse. They need a little more. :flagcanada:

Let's play "Distinguish That Similar Emblem"!!!

"Alright, contestants. Here is your first test. Tell us which of these logos is the Calgary Stampeders, and which is the Ford Mustang grille ornament. Which one is 'A'? And which one is 'B'? Start the clock, Johnny!"





*beep, boop, beep, boop, beep, boop, beep, boop, beep, boop, BUUUZZZZZ!!!*

"OK, time's up! Let's see those responses, contestants!"


As you can see, I think Calgary needs a new, more modern design. Settle down, Stampman. I also think BC needs a new one, but who cares...

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the bc lions, at first glance would appear to need a new logo, but to me they dont. its hipnotism. the logo is aful, but i cant help but like it.

the ti-cats on the other hand need a change despretly. they should try something based off the x-line logo.

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See here's where things get weird---most of these logos have been around for a while--and to me that makes many "untouchable" the same way some other teams are other than tweaks--but I'm not firm in that either.

So here--team by team--are my comments...

For reference see here--it also has previous logos

Tiger-Cats-I like them--I wouldn't mind a simplified version though.

Renegades-Not a big fan--it's hard to tell what it is from some angles--and the helmet logo looks like mush from the stands & on TV (except for close ups).

They should use the beaver secondary as the helmet logo.

Lions-I like the premise--but the execution is horrible--It looks like it was scribbled in 2 or 3 minutes.

Alouettes-One of the newest ones--but I like it--clean lines-good colour--looks mean.

Argonauts-It's okay, but I prefer the football with oars, and both are better than the simple "A" on the helmet

Stampeders-What I've heard is that it's actually a logo they got the rights to in the 60's from a US college-not copied from Ford. My main reason for not wanting to change it, beyond that I've grown accustomed to it, is that I'm afraid they'd have Todd MacFarlane design it--or it would be some similar Monstosity.

Eskimos-I actually like it-the interlocking "E"'s look good--but I prefer the older version with the curved lines--and the shape around it is more obviously a football (they just need to change the green or the gold to match better).

Roughriders-sorry Riders fans--this one is lame--although it's better than the previous ones--including the upside down "S"-(and yes it is upside down--scroll down this page...)

Bombers-I think this is one of the best--and it has plenty of blue.

(for voting purposes I chose the one most in need--BC Lions--but the Riders & Renegades are close)

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