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Boston Celtics Alternate Concept...


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I'd prefer the Celtics refrain from having an alternate jersey... and especially not changing their colors for one...

but... from what we've all heard lately, it WILL happen...

so if it absolutely has to happen, here is my take...

imo, if you're adding black, you need to add a new lighter color as well, to keep a balance. ask the 1993-1994 Dallas Stars... black and green, with very little other colors, gives you a very difficult to read uniform :) green numbers on black jerseys are bad...

but yeah, i decided to add gold... green, gold, black, and white. Adding a dark color to the uniform, without balancing it out with a highlight color just didn't work for me.



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Traditionalists may be appalled--but I like it. the gold balances out the black, and neither take over at all...

well, i'm a traditionalist :)

before anyone comes in and yells about how it's slap in the face of tradition, i'd like to reitterate my point that I don't want them to add black for a third jersey... but if they do, this is one way to do it that isn't overpowering, and also isn't as simple and forced as just adding black outlines, or changing the color of the numbers.

i'd rather see them come up with something all new and untraditional as an alternate, than see them force black into their classic untouchable uniforms, and wear them every once in a while.... it's weird. in my opinion, it's more acceptable to break from tradition and come up with something new and fresh for the modern edition of the celtics, than it is to make the modern edition of the celtics wear a bastardized "revamped" version of the traditional threads... does that make sense?

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I don't know...I don't think the green needs to be lightened to work with black. It's not like they use as dark a green as the Phiadelphia Eagles (though Pantone might prove me otherwise).

I know the Celtics have used a yellow/gold as part of their warmups for years. I think there's more yellow in it than what you used, yours seems to be more Vegas gold.

I think that black should be used more as a trim than a main part of the scheme. Like your use of it outlining the team name and number. Maybe even as a drop shadow.

If I was to rework yours, I'd change the order of the stripes to put more emphasis on the gold rather than the black. From the outside in, I'd go gold, black, white, green. This way, you'd still have the added black, but it wouldn't look so drastic that it wouldn't be instantly recognizable as a Celtics uniform (says the traditionalist in me).

Do an alt have to look like the regular uniform? No ? that's why it's an alternate uniform. But I think there still should be some resemblance to the originals, unless it's an homage to the past (like MPLS for the Lakers, or the Lime Green puke uniforms of the Hawks).

However, if the Celtics were going to a full redesign, using added colors and to modernize the look, then your concept is right on the money :)

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Very nice. It is clear to see that if they are going to add black they need to add a touch of gold as well. I would probably change the logo used on the shorts to the shamrock, but other than that you have a solid concept.

That being said, it seems to me that they have a sweet alternate concept just waiting to be used:



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