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NFL Uniform Colors


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Just to keep track, here is a summary of what colors each NFL team wore during each game in the 2004 season.

Colors are listed as Jersey/Pants. Listed in parentheses are the games that particular combination was worn, with week number and opponent. "@" indicates road games; all others are home games. Missing numbers on each team are bye weeks.

This list will be edited and updated as the season progresses.

Including Wild Card playoff games

AFC East

Buffalo Bills

? Blue/White (1-JAX)

? White/Blue (2-@OAK 10-@NE)

? Blue/Blue (4-NE 6-MIA 8-ARZ 9-NYJ 11-STL 13-@MIA 14-CLE 17-PIT)

? White/White (5-@NYJ 7-@BAL 12-@SEA 15-@CIN 16-@SF)

Miami Dolphins

? White/White (1-TEN 3-PIT 4-NYJ 7-STL 9-ARZ 13-BUF)

? White/Aqua (2-@CIN 5-@NE 6-@BUF 8-@NYJ 11-@SEA 12-@SF 14-@DEN 17-@BAL)

? Orange/White (15-NE)

? Aqua/Aqua (16-CLE)

New England Patriots

? Blue/Silver (1-IND 2-@ARZ 5-MIA 6-SEA 7-NYJ 10-BUF 12-BAL 17-SF)

? White/Blue (4-@BUF 8-@PIT 9-@STL 11-@KC 13-@CLE 15-@MIA 16-@NYJ)

? Silver/Blue (14-CIN)

New York Jets

? White/White (1-CIN 9-@BUF)

? Green/White (2-@SD 4-@MIA 5-BUF 6-SF 13-HOU)

? White/Green (7-@NE 11-@CLE 12-@ARZ 14-@PIT 17-@STL P1-@SD)

? Green/Green (8-MIA 10-BAL 15-SEA 16-NE)

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens

? Purple/White (1-@CLE 4-KC 5-@WSH 7-BUF 11-DAL 13-CIN 14-NYG 17-MIA)

? White/White (2-PIT 3-@CIN 8-@PHI 10-@NYJ 12-@NE 15-@IND 16-@PIT)

? Black/Black (9-CLE)

Cincinnati Bengals

? Black/White (1-@NYJ 3-BAL 7-DEN 11-PIT 15-BUF)

? Black/Black (2-MIA 10-@WSH 14-@NE 16-NYG)

? White/Black (4-@PIT 8-@TEN 13-@BAL 17-@PHI)

? White/White (6-@CLE)

? Orange/Black (9-DAL 12-CLE)

Cleveland Browns

? White/White (1-BAL 5-@PIT 9-@BAL 12-@CIN 14-@BUF 16-@MIA 17-@HOU)

? Brown/White (2-@DAL 4-WSH 6-CIN 7-PHI 13-NE 15-SD)

? White/Orange (3-@NYG)

? Brown/Orange (10-PIT)

? Orange/White (11-NYJ)

Pittsburgh Steelers

? Black/Yellow (1-OAK 2-@BAL 3-@MIA 4-CIN 5-CLE 6-@DAL 8-NE 9-PHI 12-WSH 14-NYJ 16-BAL)

? White/Yellow (10-@CLE 11-@CIN 13-@JAX 15-@NYG 17-@BUF)

AFC South

Houston Texans

? White/Blue (1-SD 2-@DET 3-@KC 4-OAK 6-@TEN 9-@DEN 10-@IND 13-@NYJ 15-@CHI 16-@JAX)

? Blue/White (5-MIN 11-GB 14-IND 17-CLE)

? Red/White (8-JAX 12-TEN)

Indianapolis Colts

? White/White (1-@NE 4-@JAX 8-@KC 11-@CHI 14-@HOU 17-@DEN)

? Blue/White (2-@TEN 3-GB 5-OAK 7-JAX 9-@MIN 10-HOU 13-TEN 15-BAL 16-SD P1-DEN)

? White/White* (12-@DET)

*throwback uniform

Jacksonville Jaguars

? White/Black (1-@BUF 3-@TEN 5-@SD 7-@IND 8-@HOU 12-@MIN 15-@GB 17-@OAK)

? Teal/White (2-DEN 4-IND 6-KC)

? Teal/Black (10-DET 11-TEN 14-CHI 16-HOU)

? Black/Black (10-DET 11-TEN 13-PIT)

Tennessee Titans

? Blue/White (1-@MIA 3-JAX 4-@SD 8-CIN 10-CHI 16-DEN 17-DET)

? White/Blue (2-IND 5-@GB 7-@MIN 11-@JAX 12-@HOU 13-@IND 15-@OAK)

? Light Blue/Blue (6-HOU 14-KC)

AFC West

Denver Broncos

? Blue/White (1-KC 3-SD 4-@TB 5-CAR 8-ATL 9-HOU 14-MIA 17-IND)

? White/White (2-@JAX 6@OAK 7-@CIN 11-@NO 13-@SD 15-@KC 16-@TEN P1-@IND)

? Orange/White (12-OAK)

Kansas City Chiefs

? White/Red (1-@DEN 4-@BAL 6-@JAX 10-@NO 13-@OAK 14-@TEN 17-@SD)

? Red/White (2-CAR 3-HOU 7-ATL 8-IND 9-@TB 11-NE 12-SD 15-DEN 16-OAK)

Oakland Raiders

? White/Silver (1-@PIT 5-@IND 8-@SD 9-@CAR 12-@DEN 14-@ATL 16-@KC)

? Black/Silver (2-BUF 3-TB 4-@HOU 6-DEN 7-NO 11-SD 13-KC 15-TEN 17-JAX)

San Diego Chargers

? Blue/White (1-@HOU 8-OAK 9-NO 13-DEN 14-TB 17-KC P1-NYJ)

? White/Blue (2-NYJ 3-@DEN 4-TEN 6-@ATL 7-@CAR 11-@OAK 12-@KC 15-@CLE 16-@IND)

? Powder Blue/White* (5-JAX)

*throwback uniform

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

? White/Silver Blue (1-@MIN 2-CLE 5-NYG 6-PIT 7-@GB 8-DET 9-@CIN 10-PHI 11-@BAL 13-@SEA 14-NO 15-@PHI 16-WSH 17-@NYG)

? Blue/Silver Blue (3-@WSH)

? Blue/White* (12-CHI)

*throwback uniform

New York Giants

? Blue/Gray (1-@PHI 2-WSH 3-CLE 5-@DAL 7-DET 9-CHI 11-ATL 13-@WSH 15-PIT 17-DAL)

? White/Gray (4-@GB 8-@MIN 10-@ARZ 14-@BAL 16-@CIN)

? Red/Gray (12-PHI)

Philadelphia Eagles

? White/Green (1-NYG 3-@DET 4-@CHI 6-CAR 7-@CLE 9-@PIT 12-@NYG 16-@STL)

? Green/White (2-MIN 10-@DAL 11-WSH 13-GB 14-@WSH 15-DAL)

? Black/White (8-BAL)

? Green/Black (17-CIN)

Washington Redskins

? White/Burgundy (1-TB 2-@NYG 3-DAL 4-@CLE 5-BAL 6-@CHI 8-GB 9-@DET 10-CIN 11-@PHI 12-@PIT 13-NYG 14-PHI 15-@SF 17-MIN)

? Burgundy/White (16-@DAL)

NFC North

Chicago Bears

? Blue/White (1-DET 4-PHI 6-WSH 7-@TB 8-SF 11-IND 13-MIN 15-HOU 17-GB)

? White/Blue (2-@GB 3-@MIN 9-@NYG 10-@TEN 14-@JAX 16-@DET)

? Orange/White* (12-@DAL)

*throwback uniform

Detroit Lions

? White/Silver (1-@CHI 5-@ATL 7-@NYG 10-@JAX 11-@MIN 14-@GB 17-@TEN)

? Blue/Silver (2-HOU 3-PHI 6-GB 8-@DAL 9-WSH 13-ARZ 15-MIN 16-CHI)

? Blue/Silver* (12-IND)

*throwback uniform

Green Bay Packers

? Green/Yellow (1-@CAR 2-CHI 4-NYG 5-TEN 7-DAL 8-@WSH 10-MIN 12-STL 14-DET 15-JAX P1-MIN)

? White/Yellow (3-@IND 6-@DET 11-@HOU 13-@PHI 16-@MIN 17-@CHI)

Minnesota Vikings

? Purple/White (1-DAL 3-CHI 7-TEN 8-NYG 11-DET 12-JAX 14-SEA 16-GB 17-@WSH)

? White/White (2-@PHI 5-@HOU 6-@NO 9-IND 10-@GB 13-@CHI 15-@DET P1-@GB)

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

? White/White (1-@SF 7-@KC 8-@DEN 11-@NYG 13-@TB 16-@NO 17-@SEA)

? Red/White (2-STL 3-ARZ 4-@CAR 5-DET 6-SD 10-TB 14-OAK 15-CAR)

? Black/Black (12-NO)

Carolina Panthers

? White/White (1-GB 2-@KC 4-ATL 5-@DEN 8-@SEA 10-@SF 13-@NO 15-@ATL 16-@TB)

? Black/Silver (6-@PHI 9-OAK 11-ARZ 14-STL 17-NO)

? Teal/Silver (7-SD 12-TB)

New Orleans Saints

? Black/Gold (1-SEA 2-SF 4-@ARZ 5-TB 6-MIN 10-KC 11-DEN 13-CAR 14-@DAL 16-ATL)

? White/Gold (3-@STL 7-@OAK 9-@SD 12-@ATL 15-@TB 17-@CAR)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

? Red/Pewter (1-@WSH 11-SF 13-ATL 15-NO 16-CAR)

? White/Pewter (2-SEA 3-@OAK 4-DEN 5-@NO 6-@STL 7-CHI 9-KC 10-@ATL 12-@CAR 14-@SD 17-@ARZ)

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals

? White/White (1-@STL 2-NE 11-@CAR)

? White/Red (3-@ATL 4-NO 5-@SF 7-SEA 8-@BUF 13-@DET 16-@SEA)

? Red/Red (9-@MIA 10-NYG 12-NYJ)

? Red/White (14-SF 15-STL 17-TB)

St. Louis Rams

? Blue/Gold (1-ARZ 3-NO 6-TB 7-@MIA 9-NE 10-SEA 13-SF 16-PHI 17-NYJ)

? White/Gold (2-@ATL 4-@SF 5-@SEA 11-@BUF 12-@GB 14-@CAR 15-ARZ P1-@SEA)

Seattle Seahawks

? White/White (1-@NO 6-@NE 9-@SF 10-@STL 14-@MIN 15-@NYJ)

? Blue/Blue (2-@TB 3-SF 5-STL 7-@ARZ 8-CAR 11-MIA 12-BUF 13-DAL 16-ARZ 17-ATL P1-STL)

San Francisco 49ers

? Red/Gold (1-ATL 4-STL 5-ARZ 9-SEA 10-CAR 12-MIA 15-WSH 16-BUF)

? White/Gold (2-@NO 3-@SEA 6-@NYJ 8-@CHI 11-@TB 13-@STL 14-@ARZ 17-@NE)


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Through Week 7 -- six games with a bye -- both the Steelers and the Redskins have worn the same uniform every game! Will they have the same this week?

The Dolphins and Cardinals have worn white every game, but with two different color pants each.

Bills and Bengals each have worn four different combinations so far this season.

Titans, Chargers and Panthers each have worn three different color jerseys. No one has worn more than two different color pants (yet).

Let's watch and see what happens in Week 8 and beyond.


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Redskins wore white at home vs Packers...

Titans wore navy at home vs Bengals (white/black)...

Bills wore navy/navy at home vs Cardinals (white/red/red)...

Otherwise, all the other matchups were the expected combos....

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Into Week 8:

Redskins and Steelers still haven't changed uniforms all season!

Cardinals still only in white. Have to wait for Monday night to check on the Dolphins.

Add Eagles and Texans to teams with three different jerseys this year.


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i wonder what happened to the falcons black pants?:


i'm usually a fan of the all-white look, but i always thought ATL's black pants looked much more slick. hopefully they bust these out sometime this year.

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Here's a thought: Will the Dolphins wear the orange jerseys before the teal?

The Steelers are a bit of a surprise... I would think in the past the Cowboys were the most likely to make it a whole season with the same uni. Now with warm weather teams wearing white early, the proliferation of third jerseys (and Thanksgiving throwbacks), the increased knowledge of the Cowboys blue-jersey jinx, and the Redskins doing the white at home thing, I guess that's not the case anymore.

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Observations after the early games of Week 9:

> Cincinnati in orange makes 5 combinations this season!

> Steelers and Redskins still only one combination each -- Pittsburgh black/yellow; Washington white/burgundy

> Dolphins still only white jerseys (white pants at home, aqua pants on road)

> Cardinals unveil red/red combination. (They look like giant cranberries!)

[Waiting on the 4pmET games.]


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And, in the lead-pipe cinch note du jour, the Colts will wear blue and white, the Vikings all-white this evening [11/8/04] in Indianapolis.

Looking ahead, the Steelers will wear their white jerseys for the first time this year at Cleveland next week [11/14/04]. The Redskins will be in their burgandy/white outfit at Dallas December 26th, but could be wearing them in Philly November 21st. We know that Miami will don their Metamucil Orange jerseys on December 20th at home against the Patriots, but will New England wear their silver jerseys against Buffalo on Sunday Night? And of course, on December 5th, Jacksonville will wear those Harry High School all-black uniforms at home against the Steelers.

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Some people on this bolard have told me to do just that.

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