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Who's best yadayadayada...  

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Well, here it is, the voting thread. Vote for the best in the poll above. Only 1st place get the special sig. Voting ends Saturday, Nov. 13 at 5:00pm Central. Good luck to all the combatents...



stampman (road)

ColeDMD (road) (alt.)


Chapi (2)





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I would've liked to have seen Paynomind's helmet on Brass Bonanza's uniform.

Overall, Paynomind's design was best.

By the way, the Spiderman costume design would make a Great hockey uni (the spider would need to be bigger in the jersey center, however).

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Thanks for the compliments and votes, guys!

I really liked this contest idea, so thanks, vic!

All of the entries were excellent.

I really thought aussie's design was out of the box, and I dig that. Very interesting small, low logo on the helmet.. almost featuring the black. I dig it.

Well done, guys!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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