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New low for the Bears...


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I know...but its JEFF GEORGE! The last good year he has was in college at the UofI.

At least they are signing someone though. God, the bears are a mess. I know how you must feel with the dolphins tank....if it wasn't for 2002 the bears would have nearly a decade of losing seasons. Woes me...all my football teams are a mess. U of I, the bears...time to root for someone closer to home...oh...the Rams and Mizzu...WONDERFUL...

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Maybe because I think he sucks so much, he'll actually do well.

Bears QB's I thought could turn it around:

Cade McNown

Shane Matthews


Grossman (jury's still out, but he seems to be injury prone already...)



Bears QB's I thought had no chance in hell:

Henry Burris (I was right about this one though, even if he's good in the CFL)

Jim Miller (actually did ok at times)

Jeff George (we'll see)

As you can see...I'm a glass half full guy when it comes to the bears...but I'm always wrong.

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one thing i've always thought...if we'd stayed with Moses Moreno the Bears would be contending :D i'm serious. i'd liked what i saw in his only Bears start (against los Buccos several years ago)...then the Bears drafted the Bruin I Shall Not Name.

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didn't they sign that scrub that played with the cowboys, carter i think? if they are going with Jeff George, btw who was a joy to watch in while with the falcons <_< ,why not start the scrub.

i wish it was carter right now, we did one worse: Hutchinson. Season, please end. Rex can't come back soon enough :cry:

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