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X-Mas Crossover


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OK, I got bored today so I decided to take my shot at some MLB hockey crossovers. So far I have the Braves, Giants, Yankees, and te Red Sox done. I went by this rule of thumb onl an alternate if the team has an alt. If a team team has an alt, the the color of the alt becomes the dark color and another color would become the alt. Since it is MLB white is home dark is road.

Anahiem Angels

Atlanta Braves

Baltimore Orioles

Boston Red Sox

Chicago Cubs

Cleveland Indians

LA Dodgers

Milwaukee Brewers

New York Mets

New York Yankees

Pittsburgh Pirates

SF Giants

Toronto Blue Jays

Braves- I don't think the Script with the tomahawk would work well on a hockey jersey. So I made a logo using the tomahawk. The scripts on the Braves baseball uniform would be on the helmets.

Red Sox- I used the old Bruins template. No name on home or alt. Used Diagonal lettering for home and road and the B for the alt. Sox on the shoulders.

Yankees- Simple just like their baseball unis. NY as logo, just navy and white because that's all there is in their unis.

Giants- Inspired by Blues/Team USA. Again Diagonal lettering. The letters and numbers are just like the ones they used to have on their black alts. I know they are hard to read but that's the way they were. Also cream instead of white.

Comment welcomed.

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Not to nitpick, but on the Sox one, 27 was Carlton Fisk's number...Yaz wore #8....

Doesn't take away from the crossovers in general...they came out really nice :D


Housatonic U. Dragons (NCFA Basketball): 16-6 (8-4 Conf.)--National Runner-Up

Jersey State U. (NCFA Football): Inaugural Year - 2006

Motor City Silverhawks (WArFL): 9-4 (3rd--National Conf.)

Lehigh Valley Ironmen (WAmFL): Inaugural Season--2006

New England Marauders RFC (RLI): 6-0-7 (6th place)

Detroit Spirit (AA): 3-6 (T-4th--Patriot League)

Brooklyn Atlantics (IBF): 10-5 (1st--Appalachian Conf.)

Boston Mariners RFU (WRU): Coming Soon!

New York Americans (SHL): Inaugural Season - 2006-07

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I added the Pirates. There used to be a nhl team named the Pittsburgh Pirates, and for 1 year they had a jersey script simular to the current mlb Pirates scripts. So I went in the direction of doing a modernization of that using the current mlb Pirates. It's a classic collegiate look with the number in front. Tie-down jersey. I also got rid of the red.

Pittsburgh Pirates

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Ok, I added the Dodgers and thier cousins back in New York the Mets.

Dodgers- This one is simple, used the classic scripts that the Dodgers use. Red numbers since the Dodgers have red numbers on the front of their jersey.

Mets- This is sort of the Islangers meet the Rangers. Used the Mets skyline logo (minus seems) and the Rangers template. I broke my own rule with a blue road uni however there is a black alt that the Mets would use more often.

LA Dodgers

NY Mets

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A little too much script on the jerseys overall, for my tastes , for hockey--but I like the Yankees one--it works well, and I'm not a Yankees fan...

Comic Sans walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve your type here."

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I know this is a little late, but I guess I'll put in my 2 cents.

Nice work jkr. I really liked how you mixed things up with the Mets logo edit and the Pirates script and number jersey.

Some people like to slap on a logo (sometimes editing it) with an existing NHL jersey template, match the colours and call it a crossover. I hate that because it requires no talent. But it's obvious that your trying to mix things up with every crossover you do, and I think that should be recognized.


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