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Indianapolis Racers Unveil New Logos and Uniforms


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The official colors of the Racers have stayed the same. The new primary logo features an Indy Car slanted as it is going around one of the 4 turns at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This logo features a new, more readable wordmark as well. The secondary is based on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Logo. The teritary is based on the Checkered Flag as to show that the Racers expect to finish first in every season.


The uniforms are getting a slight upgrade. The colors for the home, away and alternate remain the same. On the numbers they are now three color instead of two color and a drop shadow. The sleeves feature the new secondary logo. The shoulders feature the new more modern striping that was based off of the previous uniforms striping. The same thing also goes for the pants. The helmet features this new striping as well as the new tertiary logo to show that the Racers mean business and expect to win.

Here is the Complete Package:

*Note to dial-up users, it is a 147KB 1000x800 png file, so it might take a bit to load.

As always C&C is very welcome. Thanks guys.


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I have to say I really like the colors, the lettering and numbers, and your logos. The helmet makes me wonder whether a black-and-white checker flag on a black background is really strong enough; I would suggest doing something to make your tertiary logo stand out more. I'd start with considering a helmet using your red or yellow instead of black, but this is a quibble. And anyway, the red and yellow flagpole-I really stands out, so if you mean that to be the first thing I see on the helmet, with the checker flag a secondary element, then it's perfect as-is. Alternately, have you tried it without the white outline, so it's only framed in the yellow? That might make it sit more dynamically on the black background.

The only thing that really stood out for me as a negative is the shoulder stripes. They just don't make much sense to me; why are they there and in that shape? They add a little visual balance, which is good, but they really seem sort of stuck on for the sake of sticking something on. Have you considered using a checkerboard pattern or other more direct reference to your racing identity? I can see a stripe of black-and-white checks either looking terrific with your helmet logo and team identity or looking silly like British cops or a second-wave ska album. But it would make more sense to me than the "modern" stripes, which just look generic to me.

That said, I think these are terrific football uniforms, and I don't often like football uniforms. Nicely done. This definitely falls into that rarest of categories, the "Man, I wish I could have done that" level of goodness.

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They look great, though you have included one feature that really grates me

the wrong way: 1 color socks. If I had cardinal rules for uniforms, one would be that you have white socks with a color block at the knee/calf. I am not a fan of

solid colored socks.

Otherwise very nice.

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very nice....the only thing that doesn't totally grab me is the helmet flag logo....maybe skew it a bit more or wrap the flag around the I

why didnt i think of that?????? I'm definitely going to try the wrap around the I thing. Thanks for the comments so far guys. As for the one color socks, I like em, but a lot of people dont lol. On the shoulder stripes its a variation of the colts striping. I had a 3 color colts striping last year (red/yellow/red) and this I combined with the shape of the stripe on USC's jerseys to sort of modernize it.

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Great job!

I love your Primary logo and would like to see it on the Helmet. (although the "wrap around" flag shoul give the helmet log a little more life...)

Also not a big fan of Black helmets, I may have tried a Gold one.

Speaking of gold, have you tired Gold pants? (may look a little too 49ers, but worth a try).

Finally I prefer the ALT to the HOME, not sure why...

Overall a great concept !!!

Owner of the Rochester Americans of the MLH

Owner of the Toronto Frenchies of the GCFHL6

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I really like the package, but I'm not too sold on the primary or the third logos. I really love the second however, and the uniforms. The white being the best and the maroon being my next fav. I'm not a fan of the alt combo.

I'd like to see the secondary as the primary perhaps. Use only half the "wings" for each side of the helmet, kinda like its streaking away? Could be pretty tight.

Anyway, good set overall!

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Josh I think these look great!They may be a little hard to reproduce if I ever tried to make one,but that will be a challenge for another day.I like the solid color socks and I am usually not a fan fo them,I like the balance white adds but I like them here,and I always liked the color scheme anyway so these tweaks just add to it to me.Great job...as always!!


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My only concern with the logo is how fine the lines are... Hairlines would be hard to reproduce if you ever wanted to do anything outside of a computer monitor, and I think they add too much detail. Maybe try finding a solution for eliminating those lines.

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The only thing I would change is the helmet logo. It just looks wrong. I'd definitely replace it with the secondary logo and maybe place the primary logo on the sleeves since it's nowhere else on the uniform.





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Colors, good.

Primary Helment logo.. Needs some spice.

It looks more like a second then a prime. I would say maybe off your car cornering logo as some for the helment. Or maybe more of a set of racing flags versus just the checked flag.

I am not a big fan of black pants and all dark sets of football uni's but I think these work for me better then most.

overall nice concept and idea just needs a tweak.. just my thoughts.

"Try not to have a good time ... This is supposed to be educational."

- Charles Schulz


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damn, I'm funny. Anyways keep the c&c coming I really appreciate it.

hahaha funny cos you are a tool and sit in your office full of Waves stuff, and hold a Waves flag, and wear a waves jumper and then claim you still love the Racers, make up your mind, dope



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