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Golden Baseball League's San Diego team...

Brian in Boston

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... is the San Diego Surf Dawgs. The name was submitted by a seven-year-old child, beating out nine other finalists: Jets, Sailors, Sand Sharks, Sluggers, Splinters, Sun Sox, Surfers, Tomcats and Waves.



As of now, I'd rank the GBL's original logos (the Tijuana Toros are using their pre-existing mark) as follows:

1) Long Beach Armada

2) San Diego Surf Dawgs

3) Yuma Scorpions

4) Fullerton Flyers

5) Chico Outlaws

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I entered Surprise Homers into the Name the Team contest for Surprise, Arizona. It seemed a natural for a baseball team playing in a city founded by a guy named Homer Ludden.

One thing is certain: the league made a great choice when they handed the logo design chores over to Dan Simon and Joe Bosack. Top to bottom, the Golden Baseball League's member franchises have got the best logos for any minor-league in sports.

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