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NFL TrueType Fonts Now Available!


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With the assistance & blessing of Nick 1733 (and, by extension, jpslapshot22, although I never dealt with him directly), I have converted Nick's terriffic NFL sets into TT fonts, similar to the MLB fonts I did earlier.

They're available here, just click on "Football" to get them all in a zip file.

Here are the previews...click on the thumbnail to see the full-size images:

NFL Bears:


NFL Bears Throwback:


NFL Bengals


NFL Broncos:


NFL Colts Throwback:


NFL Cowboys Throwback (Fixed):


NFL Dolphins:


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Varsity Classic Serif A:


Varsity Classic Serif B:


They can be downloaded here, just click on "Football" to get them all in a .zip file. The zip also contains a readme document which details which teams use which variant of the NFL Varsity Block series.

Thanks again to Nick1733 and jpslapshot...

Enjoy, kids!

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Thank you so much!!!

Four times IHL Nielson Cup Champions - Montréal Shamrocks (2008-2009 // 2009-2010 // 2012-2013 // 2014-2015)

Five times TNFF Confederation Cup Champions - Yellowknife Eagles (2009 CC VI // 2010 CC VII // 2015 CC XII // 2017 CC XIV // 2018 CC XV)

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I didn't notice this until now, but the Cowboys Throwback Numbers are incorrect. I had to correct them, I corrected EVERY SINGLE number set so they are as perfect as I could get them.

That's why I wanted you to use all the files I sent you and none that came from the original NFL Number sets that were sent to groups of people via email from me.

Great job on ALL the others though man. :notworthy:

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