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Los Angeles Kings concept

Alphabet Man

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I didn't get the surfer feel from first glance (Latino influence and graffiti came to mind). I thought that was the approach you were taking, being that the team was the LA Kings. I think it would be a popular fashion jersey, if that was the case.

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is that a subliminal message in arabic? :suspect:

actually now that i see it, it does look like it is in arabic..... but al it says is Los Angeles, Kings and LA all over the place

Yeah, it's just that Kings means BLOW and LA means UP in Arabic.

Translates "Blow Up Los Angeles".

Looking at it, I can't make out one of any of "LA", "Los Angeles" or "Kings" on that shirt. I like the crown though.

As for the shirt.

Well, I wouldn't wear it, but I can see it selling for $100 in Chapel St.

I'd like to see what it looks like with writing on the back as well.

Perhaps not as busy, just something except the number though.

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