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D1-AA Football Redesign Contest Voting


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Please list the votes by school. Not by person who did the concept. Thank you.

Voting for yourself is not allowed.

Voting will run on a point system and the person with the most points wins and so on:

a first place vote earns 3 points

a second place vote earns 2 points

a third place vote earns 1 point

Voting Ends on Friday, June 10th.

these are the entries of the teams that officially qualified for the contest:

Brown - puckcool22 Logos Jerseys Field

Cal Poly - CityOfWalrus Logos and Jerseys Field

Delaware - Against All Odds Logos, Jerseys and Field

Delaware State - Avenger Logos, Jerseys and Field

Eastern Illinois - pcgd Logos and Jerseys Field

Furman - teenchy Logos and Jerseys Field

Georgetown - ThaFlameofAtlanta Logos and Jerseys Alt Jerseys Field

Hampton - PhilaLogos Logos and Jerseys Field

Illinois State - ltravisjr Logos, Jerseys, & Field

Jacksonville - rmered Uniforms and Logo Field

Jacksonville St. - footballfiji Primary Logo Logos and Jerseys Field

Lehigh - Camden Crazy Logos and Jerseys Field

Montana State - Conns09 Logos and Field Jerseys

Murray State - bhambruiser Logos, Jerseys and Field

Norfolk State - nafsder2003 Logos, Jerseys and Field

North Dakota St - wilson_j182 Logos Jerseys Field

Richmond - lost_limey Logos, Jerseys and Field

Sacramento State - leggman01 Logos Jerseys Field

Sacred Heart - HatCityEnforcer Logos and Jerseys Field

Southern Utah - SCHelmetProject Logos and Jerseys Field

St. Peter's - JetsLuvver Logos and Jerseys Field

The Citadel - scar988 Logos Home Jerseys Away Jerseys Field

UC Davis - lmupepbander Logos, Jerseys and Field

Weber State - SHOWTIME Logos, Jerseys and Field

Youngstown State -lightbluenc Logos, Jerseys and Field

Please vote for your top 3 entries in order

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Eastern Illinois - 57

Delaware State - 37

Youngstown State - 37

Delaware - 17

Murray State - 16

Weber State - 10

U.C. Davis - 9

Sacred Heart - 6

Sacramento State - 5

Illinois State - 4

The Citadel - 4

Richmond - 4

Jacksonville State - 3

Jacksonville - 2

Cal Poly - 2

Georgetown - 1

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1.) Delaware St.

2.) Youngstown St.

3.) Delaware

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Let's try this again:

This was not an easy vote. There was obviously a lot of hard work that went into all the entries. That said,

1st - U.C. Davis (I grew up in NorCal watching the Aggies kick arse on my Chico State Wildcats, and your design shows a natural progression from their previous looks)

2nd - Sacramento State (the logos and the field are ok, but I love the uniforms)

3rd - Illinois State (Talk about thinking outside the box. They definitely take some time to get used to, but the more I look at those jerseys, the more I like them)

Honorable mention to Murray State, North Dakota State, Southern Utah and Youngstown State. Excellent work!

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I agree. This was a very difficult decision.

1. UC Davis: I've always liked this school's real design, and the redesign concept definately does it justice. I'm loving the primary logo as well as the uniforms.

2. Weber State: Once again, I'm a huge fan of the logos. A great concept for a generic name.

3. Delaware State: A great update of a logo that I have never really liked. The honeycomb jersey is...creative. I'm not sure I would like it if I saw them playing in it, but it fits in very well with the concpept.

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1. Delaware State

2. Sacred Heart

3. Youngstown State

Honorable mention: Delaware (it took nerve to step away from the traditional helmets), Cal Davis, Illinois State, Eastern Illinois.

You all are a really talented bunch of people and I wish I could've submitted an entry that did the rest of yours justice. In the alternative, I wish I could've explained mine to one of you with far more talent than me and seen what you could've done with it. :notworthy:

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I apologize for the technical difficulties related to my entry, Weber State. We are experiencing some remoting linking issues which has caused our site to go down for the day. We believe that we have taken care of the problem for the future but our site will not be back up until tomorrow. In the meantime, feel free to send a few votes my way. Even though it is my first football concept, trust me, it looks mah-velous. :D

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