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The NBA and Corporate Ads

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Call me a purist or whatever, but I hope no ads make it to jerseys. I see an add on a minor league jersey or whatever and it really bothers me when there could be a nice logo there or when the ad isn't even in the team colors (like the McDonalds one on the Celtic jersey).

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They should have put the Viagra down on his shorts! :D


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At first it will be one add, I bet (like on AHL)

Eventually it will progress to like Walker's picture.

Finally, the "Celtics" Will be removed in favor of a sponsor and they will squezze a small logo just below the shoulder.

Disclaimer: If this comment is about an NBA uniform from 2017-2018 or later, do not constitute a lack of acknowledgement of the corporate logo to mean anything other than "the corporate logo is terrible and makes the uniform significantly worse."



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That looks horrible! The first thing you're drawn to is either the Mickey D's ad or the Coke ad, both probably because of the predominance of red. There are so many ads on this shirt the team name and number seem like an afterthought. And on my beloved Celtics' uniform, no less!!!

European hockey has to be the worst offender when it comes to ads on uniforms. They're on the jersey, helmets, gloves, the front and back of the pants and even the sock stripes! The players look totally rediculous. In a copy of The Hockey News this past December there was an article with pictures about NHL players in Europe. You couldn't tell who the team was, what the player's number was or anything because of the go**amn advertising.

I don't watch a lot of NBA basketball, but if they go the Euro uniform route, I'm done with them. I hope a lot of you feel this way. We should boycott not only the team, the TV coverage but the sponsors as well.

I know a lot of you Euro guys, who are more used to it will say, "Get over it!" Well, I for one won't get over it and will fight like hell to see that our North American sports leagues don't turn into a sartorial joke!

And all so an owner can play some untested rookie from Jamoch High School or Papermill State College $457M in salary and bonuses! Rediculous! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

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First off: the thread OHL was referring to is #21025, started by buzzcut. I didn't bump it, it's 4 pages back.

Second: Plaid Paint said it best - the purpose of advertisers spending millions of dollars to get their logos on uniforms is to get noticed. And if they ever felt that the public got too used to them, some advertiser will push the next boundary to keep the ads as the most prominent part of the uniform, the part that catches your eye. Such is the business.

Below is a picture from the British basketball league. Check out the jersey of the ballhandler. The small logo just beneath his neck is the TEAM NAME AND LOGO. The comically-oversized "KINDER SURPRISE" lettering across the rest of the entire torso are ads. And his uniform's #7 is squeezed in, just above the waistband of the shorts.

What do you notice? What can barely be read?

This is why we can't have ads on uniforms.


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Dear mods...

Can we please put this thread in the Graveyard?

Thank you.


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Excuse me, but why does EVERY superfluous thread have to be locked and moved to a folder? Can't some of them just be deleted, and that's the end of that? The only times horrible delete-worthy threads should be saved are "WASHINGTON (INDEPENDENT) LOGO" and such

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