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Umass unveils new logos


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We waited several weeks for that? I don't think they needed the "Minuteman" at all. I actually kind of like their old logo. The best logos of the UMass schools is UMass Boston (Beacons) . Can anyone find a good image of any of their logos?

I saw, I came, I left.

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The best logos of the UMass schools is UMass Boston (Beacons).

I beg to differ.  UMass Lowell Riverhawks are quite badass(my school)!  Thank God I didn't go to Amherst.

UMass Minutewomen.  Tee hee!  I wonder if any UMass Amherst alumn went on to be porn stars?

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It's okay, although I thought their prior wordmark was more distinctive, but alas perhaps a bit outdated.  It's a nice logo but wouldn't transfer well to, say, a football helmet.  And I too thought they were going to a less gender specific nickname.
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Yes, Phoenix Design is responsible for the logo. What a country we live in, huh? A design/branding firm comes up with an identity that fails to capture the imagination of one client (the Philadelphia 76ers), so what do they do? They foist the same basic premise off on to another. Probably for several thousand dollars to boot! Ain't capitalism grand?

As a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, my reaction is... Meh.

It will certainly sell more merchandise than either of the most previous pair of logos. I mean one was a bust. Literally. Well, actually, a statue. A STATUE! Granted, the famous Minuteman statue in Lexington has meaning to folks from Massachusetts. But how do you graphically render a statue as active, compelling and/or agressive? Which I happen to think a sports logo needs to be. And it's certainly better than the cursive"U", block letter "Mass" they've been slapping on stuff for 10-or-so years.

Still, he does look a bit "cartoony". He could be on one of those prime-time, animated superhero shows like "Justice League" or "Batman Beyond".


"Up in the sky?"

"No... falling down behind those block letters!"

"Is it?"

"Yes... it's MINUTEMAN!"

"His hat is huge, so we'll know he's a patriot. His gun is hidden, so as not to offend peaceniks. He appears to be covered in soot, so we can get gray into the logo. He's MINUTEMAN!"

Is it me, or is he taking a dump back there? Don't strain Minuteman... that can lead to hemmorhoidal flare-up!

Brian in Boston

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I am again unimpressed with Phoenix's work. There's nothing really wrong with it per se, but there is nothing creative or distictive about it.

And if the gender/firearm issues were important enough to dump a bunch of money into researching, why weren't they solved?

Anyway, has anyone else noticed how "custom" their font is? Like we haven't seen that typeface before.

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