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New Miami Dolphins Logos


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Two of those agencies should be embarrassed by their submissions. Down right amateurish.

I really didn't see anything that was better than what they already have. But I agree, it is fun to see what people come up with.

I know, check out the first set of designs and look at the agencies designs. The dolphin has flames coming out of the back of him. And the rest look constipated. The individual designs are much better.

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Sorry but the Dolphins are another team that is just fine the way they are. I put them in the same group as Dallas, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, etc. Nice traditional helmets and unis that need no "updating" or "re-imagining." A tweak here or there (jerseys & pants) is OK but leave the main concept alone. IMHO The Dolphins have one of the best helmets in football.

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Bottom line? Nothing that was submitted - amateur or professional - comes close to being better than what the Dolphins already utilize as a logo.

Too true.

What kills me is that the paper calls the current logo "corny" and presents all these dolphins-on-steriods as being "flat-out cool, true battle flags."

What, was the guy who wrote this article eleven? :rolleyes:

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I say this as a Dolphin fan. I like a great many of these logos. However, I don't see them well on a helmet or replacing the current logo. Throughout the years that helmet has remaind relatively unchanged. Only periodically going under slight makeovers. I agree with infrared, in saying that Miami's current look is traditional. And I love the look. Especially the orange jerseys. :P

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THat Goutheir design could be the single worst agency-created concept in the history of time.

Wow. Nice eyes, did you just take that from a bird you made for something else.

Way to mail it in on the body. It looks like something the fine folks at Trapper Keeper would reject for their 1989 series.


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I wrote a letter to the editor of the New Times and they want to publish my letter in response to their Dolphins logo, however, they want my full name. Read what I wrote, then tell me if I should let them use my name or not.

To Whom It May Concern:

I think it's great to see the creativity of the community in coming up with a

new identity for the Miami Dolphins, but the fact is there's nothing goofy about

the current design. If the Dolphins logo is goofy then what about the Florida

Gators, the FSU Seminoles, the not-so-threatening Marlin that the Florida

Marlins use? How does a flaming basketball strike fear into the heart of other

NBA teams that come to play the Miami Heat? The only ferocious logo South

Florida has is that of the NHL's Florida Panthers who regularly don't make the

playoffs anyway.

Is the logo of the New York Jets scary? No. How about the logo of the Green

Bay Packers? It's just a big G! My point is that when it comes down to it, in

sports, the most important thing is tradition. By redoing the entire makeup of

the Miami Dolphins you ruin that tradition. In some cases a new look works

(i.e. New England Patriots or the Denver Broncos) but usually fans look at it

like, "What were they thinking?" The Dolphins logo is known by fans across the

nation, and I don't think anyone should mess with that kind of familiarity,

tradition, and reputation. In the end, that's what strikes fear into the heart

of opposing teams. Well, that and Jason Taylor running full blast at their



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wow thats some impressive stuff... i hope this leads to a new identity for the Dolphins

it won't.

1. The Dolphins updated all their stuff in 97. I doubt they would change this soon. It hasn?t even been 10 years yet.

2. More importantly they can't use any of this stuff. The NFL cannot use unsolicited work, which all of this stuff is.

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