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The Clarkson Cup


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I think it's going to be the same as the Stanly Cup was originaly for and that was for the top senior club in Canada, kind of like what the Allan Cup is for now. And yes there is a pro Women's league. It's Called the National Women's Hockey League (NWHL). They have the Toronto Areos, Vancouver Griffens, Calgary Ovel Extreme, Quebec Avalanche, and a few others.

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Actually, the NWHL teams split up into two leagues a year or two ago ? the NWHL and Western Women's Hockey League (WWHL).

The WWHL consists of:

? Calgary Oval Xtreme

? Edmonton Chimos

? B.C. Breakers

? Minnesota Whitecaps

? Saskatchewan Prairie Ice

The NWHL consists of:

? Quebec Avalanche

? Montreal Axion

? Oakville Ice

? Ottawa Raiders

? Durham Lightning

? Toronto Aeros

? Vancouver Griffins

? Brampton Thunder

The TSN article mentions possibly having the champions of these respective leagues playing for the Clarkson Cup, or maybe the prize in a Canada-U.S. international showdown. It also mentions the Esso national championship, which I believe currently takes a couple of teams from each league and has them play off, kinda like the aforementioned Allan Cup.

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The WWHL consists of:

? Calgary Oval Xtreme

That's a horrendous name. It probably didn't help that I read it as Ovary Extreme and thought of Mooterus.

I know ... *shakes head*. The Oval part comes from the fact that they are part of the Olympic Oval's high performance hockey program. The Xtreme part ... well, that's either laziness or trendiness ... either way it's shameful.

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