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Buffalo Bills 2006 Uniform Concept


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Ok here's what I did...

1) Made their 2005 throwback uniform their permanent home uni and added a road uni that was based on the same 60's design

2) Brought back the blue tugs from the 70's

3) Flipped the color's on their present logo to go along with the 60's based helmet when it was just the single red buffalo. I also

brought backt the blue facemask used up until the early 80's so that it would tie in with the updated look

4) And lastly, I added a "BUFFALO" wordmark below the NFL Equipment, shield to bring in a little bit of today's football style

I didn't make an alternate to this jersey because this was not a trend in those days. If they were to alternate this uniform they

could just switch out the pants for a blue on blue or white on white uniform.

Let me know what you think - Thanks :D


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I wish the Bills would go in a completely different direction. Not that your concept is poorly executed. It's just that I find their entire identity at best boring. The throwbacks are all the rage primarily because the regular uniforms are fugly. Honestly, the throwbacks are nothing spectacular.


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Possible Alternates?

- Removed the thinner sleeve and sock stripe to resemble the

late 60's early 70's design but I went further and inverted the

sleeves and neck line to contrast with the tugs.

- Changed the number font to match the name and wordmark

- Changed the wordmark from "BUFFALO" to "BILLS"

What cha' think? :D


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i think the buffalo bills should change a lot of things, like their logo. They should try to modify it to look mre modern(like the cardinals) then with the jerseys, they should bring back a lighter blue, but not similar to their royal blue and the same color red. As for the jersey design, the Bills should take their retro degsing(from BigDub) and try to do the same thing as with the helmet and modernize it to a certain degree. I think this combination will be a hit with keeping the past alive but going into the future a little bit that I think Buffalo Bills fans can accept.

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No, no, no on the blue pants. The Bills have proven that they cannot be trusted with pants that match their jerseys. I thought the obvious clash between stripe and panel on their current uniform set would have dissuaded them from going monochrome every week, but here we are.

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The blue pants were not mean to go with the blue jersey only the white one. I only put the blue one's in there to kinda' have something from each era of the Bills.

For what it's worth, they could do away with the blue pants and just keep the white

ones if they were to ever go with "my" concept (Yeah, I wish). Read my info about

why I designed them the way that I did. It will explain it.

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Very good job!

There are only a couple things that stand out to me.

For some reason, the red buffalo with the blue stripe doesn't look right. You might want to try one with the current buffalo.

IIRC, the stripes on the road jerseys were identical to the ones on the home jerseys. The blue wasn't swapped with the white. The widest stripe, the one in the center, is blue on both jerseys. Think of the Florida Gators football jerseys. That is what I mean.

Also, the socks on the road jersey need to be white if you are going with blue pants. Blue pants and socks doesn't work. I love the blue pants, but I agree with a previous poster that the Bills couldn't be trusted with dark pants.

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For those who are unsure or may contradict my design based on uniform history, I

offer you this look into the past via various pictures that I used to come up with my

design. I like to research uniforms before I make a concept attempt and with this one

my idea was to merge the past with the present and this is what you see now. And

as you can see with the 60's style jersey they didn't wear blue pants. The blue pants

didn't come into the mix until the early 70's right around the time they switched to

just two thick stripes on the sleeves like the one's worn during the late O.J. / Joe Cribbs

era. I brought them in as an option but to those of you who are purist, I am obliged to

provide you with another version without them as seen below. :D


I took a few suggestions and brought back the white pants to the away uniform so here ya' go.

Also, I brought back the 70's style helmet which I must admit it does look better with the home

jersey when compared to the design I came up with. But I only flipped the colors on my concept

because with the 60's style uniform their helmet's had a little red "ugly" buffalo on it. It was just

a way to bring in the 60's red buffalo and merge it with the one that they use today simply because

the white helmet with the blue buffalo had already been done and I wanted to see an updated

version of it just simply by color. :D

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