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Calgary Wranglers


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With these logos and uniforms, I went modern, yet traditional. They are also very simplistic in nature. The colors are essentially the colors of the Calgary Stampeders (which were requested). The basis of the logo was a branding mark for cattle instead of going with a cowboy/horse combo. It is an elongated C to represent a football. Within that is a W, that was treated to resemble a cow skull.

For the unis, I went modern, with a nod to the past. Whomever gets the nod to the past will get a cookie*. It was another experiment in modern, but not too modern.

So here they are:



So, what does everyone think?

*Cookie is in the form of a website cookie. If you want a real one, go ask your mommy.

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This is going to sound goofy, but here goes. I like the Wrangerls logo you created. However, I think it would make more sense as a secondary logo. I think you should have created a bull, or a horse, or even a cowboy getting ready to rope a bull, style logo for the main logo. Just a thought.

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I'm like this package. I like it a lot. I wouldn't want to see the red pants with the red jerseys, though.

The only nitpick I have is the nameplate on the red jersey ... I think it would be easier to read if the lettering were white. The Flames ran into the same problem ? black lettering on red jersey ? when they "returned to red" a couple of years ago and eventually switched to white.

Oh, and the stripes on the shoulders ... a nice subtle nod to the Stampeders of yore. :D

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Sorry Glenn, cookies don't go through customs that well. As far as lookin like a USFL logo, this in my opinion is way better than the Arizona Wranglers old logo, as well as completely different. Fire? Not here. Rod? Not here. W with horns? Way better in this one. Flourescent colors? Not here. As far as the wordmark looking like Austin, pure coincedence. I just curved it to fit better. How does the logo remind ya of Oklahoma? Their branding mark logo was a circle with the W from their wordmark plastered on it.

Now as far as the Bull idea, yeah I thought about it. I'm not gonna do it though. Look at the NFL. Most are very simple, yet effective logos that look great on a helmet. Why make something extravagant when it can be to the point. People said my Racers one should have been a secondary as well as this one. I can see that point, but football logos for the most part are simple, effective and timeless, which I tried to achieve in this and all of my other designs.

So with that out of the way, I need some milk so I can eat Glenn's cookies. Oh yeah, more comments would be good, unless you wanna say that I ripped off Longhorn Steakhouse.

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I commented on the post on the league page.

But I'll give a comment here as well-

(I already posted to a page with the old Stamps jerseys--which were partially the inspriartion for my Madden Stampeder road alts.)

I also wouldn't want to see a red on red

I like uni-coloured in some cases---but that would be overkill.

I did say with the black helmet the blcak pants would work best, maybe have bigger stripes on the pants...

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Yeah I guess I owe ya cookies too.

Keep the C&C coming guys.

That's okay--I've got my own (cookies, that is)

These are a nice addition to the Calgary Fantasy Sports scene here at CCSLC.

(Pronghorns, Towers, Hitmen, and now Wranglers--4 teams, 3 owners)

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