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Nhl caps concept-in-progress


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This is a Washington concept I'm working on...but I don't want to use the entire Capitol logo.


Would there be any problems with that getting approved for actual use, i.e. does the NHL require uniforms to use a complete logo (or text, obviously)?

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Looks good, it's alittle wierd to see the Caps set in Red White and Blue. The SHoulder logo looks good.

Does your design just use block lettering for the numbers? I'm a fan of the lettersing style they have, for whatever bizarre reason it really makes me think of Washington in a Presidential, buearocractic kinda way.

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This is one of the most irritating recurring themes on this board...with the r/w/b Caps stuff.  The team itself hasn't helped it much by eliminating their awesome blue one and cluttering the idea of what's primary and what's secondary...but still.

I'm a retro guy....for real.  But I don't get the impulse to destroy a unique NHL color scheme that totally holds up to make them one of a million teams with r/w/b.  I just dont.  Is it the USA, capitol thing?  Obviously it is.  But like 3/4 of every flag there is contains blue.  And most contain red.  This is one of the more original retro Caps things I've seen here (even though it's an awful lot like the Rangers third) and its not for me to say stop....so I dont mean to seem crabby.

Don't get me wrong Primal.  I like this and you should keep it up.  It's solid.  But the two current logos they have now don't work at all with r/w/b.  There isn't enough contrast.  They were meant for black/blue/coppery-whatever.

If the caps ever go back to r/w/b......please no.........I think it will need new artwork altogether.  

I'd really rather see the blue road (now home) reinstated and a new alternate be the r/w/b if it had to happen.

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Thank you, someone else who wants to see that blue jersey return.  I think you're right about the colour scheme, Sterling, even if I think they're abusing it with using too much of that copper-whatever colour and trying to make black the primary.  This would be an interesting concept in those colours, with blue as the primary colour.

As for the stripe continuing on the back, I'd hate to see the striping interfere with the numbering.  I know, the Habs pull it off, but they're the Habs.

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The building in their secondary mark and on this concept is the Capitol.

But their name is Capitals...

Capital meaning:

as a noun -

The Big letter at the beginning of a sentence or proper noun

The City where people run the stuff from

Money, stock or wealth, like "investment capital"

THe ornate top of a column

as an adjective -


relating to wealth

punishable by death

of high importance

pertaining to the big letters at the beginning of a sentence.

Now I would say if you are a team you are naming yourselves after a noun most likely....so that it can be plural and cause a team is a noun.  But either they are named after pillars or big letters..........or they are pluralizing cities.  Either referring to more than one Capital or it's just an oversite.  

Regardless though there is no direct spelling tie-in that says it is the Capitol building.  I know even without the building that DC is still our nations capital....but.

I've lost my train of thought.  They named them weird.

No red white and blue.

Kirk out.

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It's not retro - it's a brand new look that has learnt some valuable lessons from the past! :D

Muchos gracias on all the feedback, guys! I'll try and put the rest of it up when I get a chance. In short:

- the back will be a horizontal reflection of the striping, but not the dome. The away jumper will be white with similar striping based on the US flag. A little cliche, but ah well.

- yes, that's Edmonton's block type. I quite like unique typefaces, but Washington's doesn't do much for me so I thought I'd slide back to something more generic.

-Capitol. Capital. Well the joke works for me anyway ;) The thing I like most about using the Capitol logo is that it's uniquely Washington. One look and you know exactly where these guys are from.

- that previous blue jersey ROCKED. And if I think about it, I will rework this design with the current colours (even though I think that copper is evil :angry: )

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I like both, but the red/white/blue clearly looks better to me than the other. I don't understand using two slightly different striping patterns though. I'd reccomen making them the same. I like the one on the white best. If it looks bad using that on the dark jersey, this might be a case I could live with incosistency. Great job!
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