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Killer bees?!


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This one slid in under the radar, it seems:


There's a new CHL team, the Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees.

First of all, is that a long enough name?

And, why does a bee have a the wings of a dragonfly?

And, why doesn't the logo actually have the name of the team?

Overall... eh.

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OK, I'm going somewhat off topic here and this is my second CHL post of the day, but it seems to me that this league is going to kill itself again, just like it did in the 80's.  Overexpansion is the bane of minor pro sports leagues.  The original CHL was a top-drawer hockey league in the 60's and into the early 70's but then it went from a bus-league of 6-12 teams to a multitentacled beast that wound up strangling itself in travel expenses, a wafer thin talent base and fly-by-night franchises plopped down wherever there happened to be an arena with an ice sheet.  When Horn Chen and the Mirons brought the league back in 92 it was a simple, 6 team outfit with all teams under one ownership umbrella.  Eight or ten or even twelve teams would have been okay, but I dread that this overexpansion is going to ruin the party again.'

OK, now that I've had my rant, the logo is unimaginative.  The 'roid-raging flying insect bit is played and tiresome, although the colors show some potential.

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That was was mentioned a few months ago on the "other" board.  It's also just... eh.  The Eagle head's nice, but the three stripes?  Ugh.

I agree with you have minor league hockey.  The CHL in this case merged a couple years ago with the WPHL; that's how it got to 16 teams, it dropped some of the "lesser" teams from the two leagues to create the current CHL.

Of course, next year, the ECHL and WCHL are merging.  The hell?

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Your both right, even the ushl here in the midwest :censored:ed it self by getting fancy, and that had been a stable mainstay for decades.  i think these venture business men with dreams of owning a (semi) professional franchise clutters these men's logic, then subsequently ruins the leagues by spreading talent and resources thin (same arguement).  

egh, if everyone wer as smart as us, huh. :D

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