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Seattle Seahawks Concept


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I know there's been a million Seahawks concepts, so I thought I'd add my two cents into the mix. I love how they currently go for the monochrome look, but there are some out there who absolutely hate it...so I tried to make this the best of both worlds. The striping on the pants gives a healthy dose of two colors that should break up the monotony. Anyway, C&C is welcomed!


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I like it, minus the Titans-ish appearance and the pants - which look like they could quickly turn into a jump suit of some sort. Not a sermon, just a thought.

I like the white set the best, just because I find the dark blue-lime-white combination the most appealing. I just wish they would drop the sandy teal or whatever and stick to the rest of the palette.

Good work, as always with unwind...


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I honestly see this as a step backward. The unique helmet color is replaced by generic navy, and the unique uniform color is relegated to being an alt. Plus I prefer them using the standard block font and the outlineless nameblock. I honestly consider the current set as perfection, and the only thing that could add to it would be a lime green alt.


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I appreciate what you were going for here, but I'm not feelin' it.

While I don't consider the Seahawks' current look perfection, I do like the unique lighter blue color (but I am not a fan of the monochrome look). This concept borrows largely from the Titans' look, which I liked at the time, but I wouldn't want to see other teams trying to use.

The lower pants sharing the same color as the socks only contributes to the leotard look, which, IMO is worse than the monochrome look. I always liked having the socks a contrasting color from the pants to break things up, and if anything, these only blur the line more. The socks would be a great place to infuse more of the distinctive electric green that is sorely underutilized in their current look.

On the other hand, I do like the non-block numerals. For a package with such totally unique colors, their numbers are boring. Even though these look like the Jaguars' numbers, they're more unique and work better with this more modern look.

The Seahawks had a great look, and traded it for one that has the potential to be great but is being misused. A little more green, a little less monotony with blue and bluer, and they'd have something sweet.

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It's not requests here guys, and please try to post at least a full sentance if you are going to post. Thanks.

Unwind, I like your pants stripe idea. You are right, it breaks up the monotony well without being really over powering. Not a big fan of the one with black as the primary colour, I prefer their blue, it's just more unique to them.

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