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AJHL Logo Contest Entry


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AJHL Logo Contest Poll

The finalists are up, and my entry is logo #3. The obvious ripping seen in logo #4 was done by somebody who's obviously seen my AJHL logo entry from my portfolio, or even someone on these boards, since i posted it here back in october and it's in my portfolio. The similarity is incredibly obvious. The whole scheme to the logo set is ripped from my idea.

So, i'm hoping for you guys to help me out and vote for my entry, logo #3.

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Vote for me in the contest....

Sounds like this belongs in the requests...

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appreciate it man

the thing is, the shield shape, the drop shadow on the text, the drop shadow on the shiled, the puck, the league name placement, and the font style are highly similar. mine was a custom font though. whoever did that one obviously saw mine first.

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First you dont know that the guy didnt have the same idea. Its wasnt that original that soemone couldnt conceive it. And why post it in the first place if its for a contest. BE smarter than that.

As for the logos, Personally some of those are terrible. 6, 7, 8 and 9 are just horrendous.

Look at 9 its the same guy logo they had, haha. Just funny they want a bold new look and pick the same one as before just done worse.

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i was torn - i like the look of #5 - but as a logo, which would be featured on jerseys, it doesn't work.  Yours, Ian, is by far the best.  Screw the jerk who ripped you off with #4 and the idiots who've voted for him!

right on, thanks

so are we forced to vote for yours? not that i won't...but just askin?

haha...yes.... :D

i'll vote for you, when you finally make good on your part of our rose bowl bet smile.gif

be a man... step up

you're right...im slackin...ill get to it

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i'm really lovin #4 it would look great for the league, great job on yours though. i'm torn

yeah but keep in mind number 4 is somebody who definitely ripped off my logo, and made some tweaks....its so incredibly obvious its not funny. and boo for the ajhl to accept that. but thanks for the votes guys, keep em coming... :D

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How do you know for a fact that someone blatantly copied you? I saw both logos, and yes, they are remarkably similar. But you don't know that someone saw yours first, or if it's just a coincidence. How do you know if #4 was actually done before yours? You don't.

Just about every logo has the same color scheme. #5 and #7 both use an arcing path for the puck. #1 and #3 both use the J as a hockey stick. #1, #6 and #8 all have the shape of Alberta.

Coincidental? Yes. Blatant copy? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe the creator of #4 is also campaigning for votes. It's a tough call. But you will come across as a jerk if you keep complaining about it. Let the final votes speak for themselves.

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