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Anaheim Ducks concept


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I started out just messing with the logo for fun then decided to make it into a concept. I used the green+orange (with some black) as rumored in the other thread. I wanted to keep the jerseys traditional.

I realize this wouldn't really be practical due to the logo ties with disney, but like I said, it's for fun.

If it's liked I'll do a version on StPatty's template. This was just an idea so I did it on a flat template.

Edit: I just noticed the helmet on the away is still green. Just disregard that.



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I really like it, but there are a few things I would change.

First of all, the logo on the jersey is too busy with the writing on it. Remove the writing, and keep the rest of the logo the way it is.

For the logo itself, move the script outside the logo.

I really like the jerseys, but I think you should do something different for the orange one. Create a secondary logo for the home and road shoulders, and put it on the front of the orange one (or green, whichever you think should be the alt).

Also, I think you should go with the same stripe color and orientation on all the jerseys (ala the Houston Oilers). Take the stripes from green jersey and put them on the others. I like the continuity that brings.

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Awesome Phayze. I like it.







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Very nice work. It seems that you kept the same script for Anaheim that they are currently using right now, and I like that. I agree with the post before that the wordmarks should be left off the jerseys, but as far as the shoulders go, I suggest maybe creating the stripes to along along the entire shoulder instead of the one you have that just goes wraps around the elbow. Also, I'm not too sure if I like the font of the numbers used. Try finding something where the numbers are a little more straight, if you know what I mean. Other than that, nice job.

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B) ... Man, that's a bright orange. Makes the Isles look like their sweaters are faded.

All in all, nice work. I second the call to get rid of the script writing on the crest; it clutters the crest and it's not even going to be legible at that size. Beyond that, I'm diggin' these.

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Wow, you did a great job finding a green/orange combo that looks good. When I heard the colors they were going with, I thought "Oh, god, it's Miami on ice, this is going to look really bad."

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I like it, a nice nod to the old logo but enough to show they are moving forward with a new look... personally i would remove the script from the jersey crest, and then move it outside the logo for the "primary logo"


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I like it all execpt for the number fonts... I dont know but the numbers are bugging me.... otherwise its really good.


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Love the colours. Right now, the Mighty Ducks have a terrible colour scheme, worst in the league. The logo is cool, but for some reason I don't really like it that much. The jersey's are great and like everyone else has said, just take the script out and it'll be fine.

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I changed/fixed:

-Took script out of crest logo

-Modified the "3"

-Modified striping on home/away (small outline on inner stripe)

-Changed player name font. Changed the color of the player name font to orange on the away so you can read it better

-Added a logo to the helmets

-Modified the cuff colors/design.

-Made a new 3rd jersey.

I think the small tweaks really helped make the home and away jerseys look "sharper". Curious to what you guys think of the alternate.



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Other than the number font being a little too clunky, I really like it. The colours actually look like they're paying tribute to the old California Seals, which is interesting because I always thought they played in the Bay Area, not SoCal.

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Not bad. There are four things I would do to make it perfect.

1. As far as green and orange go, they should just keep the jade and gold colors they currently use.

2. No iris in the eyes.

3. Make the beak more naturally curved on the face. Start up near the eyes and then S-curve it out to the sides.

4. If this duck is going maskless, you should add a few ruffled feathers to the top of his head.

Otherwise, I like them.

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