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The newark bears (atlantic league) need your help


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I just got an email from the Director of Merchandise of the Newark Bears of the Atlantic League (baseball). They are looking to change their logo, uniforms and color scheme, and the owners are wanting to research the most popular selling jerseys out there come up with something that doesn't incorporate a "fad" color (like Teal).  They've been using my team colors lists on the SSUR.org site for the research.

This is an official/unofficial thread for all of us (I'm not going to cross-post this on the FanHome board) to help the Bears make a decision on their new colors.

Here's what they use currently:

Primary Colors:




Secondary Colors:



They do have a color scheme that they are playing with; a couple of shades of Blue, combined with a couple shades of Brown/Tan - these aren't for sure; that's why they came to me.  Let's put some ideas together and see what we could come up with that they might like.

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One more thing I forgot...can any of you post links to sites that list the top-selling jerseys in sports?  The Bears' ownership group is very interested in researching that part of it too...
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Wow the Bears want new Unis hmmm, too bad I liked thei current uniforms.

Hey ask them if they have any good office openings maybe u can put a good word in for me  :D .

Maybe I can think up with something that will fit with Newark.

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If I were them, and I wanted to stay classic, non-fad and clean, I would go with a Dark or Slate Blue and Silver.  It's very simple, not overused and I believe it was also the color of the defunct minor league Newark Eagles from years ago.  That would be my idea.  Perhaps even incorporate a third/alternate color used very lightly.


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Interesting, because I think the results of their search will result in the following conclusions:

Teams the that have high volumes of sales, typically result from two things. Winning and/or not changing their looks often building tradition that identifies themselves.

Reason  I say this is look throughout the history of teams that are found year after year in the tops of merchandise sold.








The reason is their looks are identifiable to winning or past history, continuous change only brings in a wave of excitement buying over a short term.  

I would say their choice of Blue and Tan would be a popular combo, but I really their current scheme seems so much better and allows for a more dynamic set of colors. Just drop the secondary colors.

Stay with



Tan or Gold.

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Excellent analysis Hobogrish...teams that establish a winning tradition is REALLY what matters...

Note: I think the Orange and Red in the Bears' current scheme are very minor and only appear in the logo.  When I list them like this, it doesn't always reflect the amount of a color used...

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Pantone, is this a color suggestion only request from them?  Or are they also willing to take suggestions on a new logo?

We can list some level of success in this arena if they'd be willing to listen.

For my biased two cents worth on the colors.  I hate purple.  Purple is just as played out as any other color.  It was teal before teal was teal.

No offense to teal.

Regardless, congrats on being "the" man to turn to on these issues.

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I know Cuss..........it's pretty cool..and I wasn't passing any judgments as to the quality of the current logo.

But 'Tone said they were looking into changing everything...logos, unis, and colors.  I was just wondering whether or not they'd be willing to let us take a poke at it.  Like the Moose, a no-guarantees-but-go-ahead-type deal.

If they are going to change whether we like it or not, then why not us?

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I have always been fond of Brown Silver/gray and royal.  Looks very nice when done right.  I did a Pioneers team for a friends with those colors.

If not those, try Maroon.

As for the logo I like the N with the claw marks but the bear can be doen a bit better.

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To follow up on my earlier post and after pondering this some more. I did some searching on the web found that the Newark Bears have won a championship in their current colors.  Seeing that and knowing what I have already stated I would say stay with current colors, just tweak the uniform.  

As for purple being trendy. I can see some weight to that. But purple can be done where it does not seem overwhelming or trendy.  

Also looking at the web, as well as myself being a person who likes to tie in the past. I would make this suggestion to the Bears, why not update with a tip of the hat to Newark baseball's foundation has a team in the Negro Leagues (this according to their website)?

Plus have the seen the sales for retro uniforms.

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I'll ask the guy with the Bears some of these questions...I DO have the Pantones they're playing around with, but I think that they want to keep them somewhat quiet...I'll get more clarification for tomorrow...
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