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NBA 3 point Shootout


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I could care less about this contest. But while I was flipping channels I came across it. I was immediately drawn not by the conest but by the HUGE and horrible graphics TNT is using.



Are the concerned that granny in the house across the street can't see the score? :therock:

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I have something to be happy about.

For one night only.

Monday I'm back to banging my head into a wall.

BTW, Nate should've won it in regulation... no way Iguodala's final dunk pre-OT deserved a 10 from Moses Malone. The whole night Moses was giving Iggy higher scores than he should've, and giving Nate Robinson's stuff 8s. B.S. Spud Webb said it best...

Webb had a reply to those who thought Iguodala should have won. "Let me answer that for you: Big guys shouldn't judge the dunk contest," Webb said.

"The true New Yorker secretly believes that anyone living anywhere else has got to be, in some sense, kidding."

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Iguldola should not have gotten a 50 on hsi first final dunk and Moses iving him a 10 for the tie was a joke he looked to his left saw all 9s and 8s and gave hime a 10, afte rorginally getting set for a 9.

So any compalig Igulodala has in the finals is invalid, the dunk of the night was the leap over Spud, and thats the won that won it hands down.



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Huge props to my boy Dirk for taking the Shootout, further proof he should he starting the game ahead of T-Mac (fan voting is such a joke!) ... and yeah, that dunk over lil Spud Webb was ill.


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Am I the only one who thinks it's kind of dumb that they give them unlimited tries at their dunks. I mean, Robinson tried two of his dunks at least 7 times each. I could've cared less who won, but whatever happened to when you missed, you get like a 32?

Eh, whatever, I got to see Thunder Dan again...best player ever. Ok, not really, but seriously, he is.

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