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Ricky Williams... busted again


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man I knew they should have traded him when they could. Get anything a draft pick. Now they'll get nothing...AGAIN! As President Bush once eloquently said: Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice...uh...don't fool me. :D

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He did have a drug test and it did test positive- it was for something other than pot.


Best quote from the article;

''I would be blown away if Ricky Williams used drugs,'' said agent Leigh Steinberg, who represents Williams. ``And that's how most of the people around him also feel.''


"Blown Away", huh? Obviously Steinberg graduated from the Drew Rosenhaus School of Public Relations. :blink:

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i dont get it. they have a small list of things you cant do and you will be payed more than you ever dreamed of being paided. in most cases doing a job that you have dreamt of doing your entire life. yet people still get busted for these things.

1. dont commit crimes

2. dont do drugs.

3. dont be a douche bag.

4. dont get on a motorcycle.(in some cases)

seems like a pretty simple list of things to follow to me.

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