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WBC Hats


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I really don't like these. I think they would be 1000X cooler if they were more unique to the team and country, i.e. the China hat would be in Chineese lettering, and if the the Japan hat didn't say "Japan" in English on it. That's just lame.

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I like australias hat... where can you find these? lids?


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I've joked before that the reason that the China team has the olde timey "1869 Red Stockings" logo is because their REDS!

But anyway...

I've found some pictures of Japan's unis in action! Since the Asian pool will be the first to start, they've already begun practicing and playing warm-up games for the WBC.




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the 80's and early 90's called, they want their hats back ^_^

i dunno they just don't do it for me, i just think they could have done so much more with them, bland in my opinion

The only one that makes me think late 80s is the Japan hat with the full word on the front (like the adidas hat I've managed to hang onto for close to 20 years now). I like all of the other ones from a style standpoint, though I agree China should have something other than an Olde English C. My favorite is Australia, with South Africa a close second (just a coincidence that they are both green and yellow).

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