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Atlanta thrashers 3rd


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i think its weird how there's no mention of the 3rd jersey release on their official website www.atlantathrashers.com have a look

bring on the lime and charturse(no i dont know the colors of the thing, but it'd be funny as hell if these were those colors, eh? :P)

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The latest rumor that I read on the official Atlanta Thrashers message board from people from Atlanta is that they plan to unveil them on November 27th. (American Thanksgiving)  Ergo, I wouldn't expect the official website to mention anything until mid-November at the earliest.

Remember last year how neither new third jersey came out till (American) Thanksgiving.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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The Thrasher head is far too directional for a hockey jersey IMHO. Would be great for a football helmet, but not on a hockey jersey (it's also a little flat, they'd likely have to angle it up a la Ducks current third so it takes up a legitimate amount of space).

Young team + third jersey + city with little hockey tradition =

I can see them screwing this up bad. Hard to be optimistic about this one. I love their dark jersey (the T logo is genius), but I dunno about this third...

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