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Iron crossover returns!


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a lot of you got my uh, "press release" so you knew this was coming.

Wa takshino key yoku gatashka naraba (if my memory serves me correctly), Halloween is less then two weeks away. Therefore I found it appropriate to once again open the doors to Crossover Stadium to stage an Iron Crossover battle! In a little less then an hour from now I will announce the theme for this battle.

The battle will end at 9pm Pacific time on sunday, october 26th. Voting will take place from the end of the battle to 12 midnight Pacific time on Halloween night. If ten or less entries are recieved the standard poll system will be used for voting. However if 11 or more are recieved a points system like the one utilized in the JkrDevil International Challenge will be used.

and as a refresher course, here are the Iron Crossover guidelines:

Every set must include a home/away uniform or dark/light uniform. Uniforms must be complete with headgear, jerseys, pants, and socks. alternate jerseys (and in the case of baseball concepts, hats) are optional and only one alternate may be included.

home/away or dark/light uniforms are to be made using only the selected team's current identity (colors, uniforms, city and name), and any use of an older logo for that team must be used in conjuction with and as a secondary logo to the team's current primary logo.

the alternate jersey will be allowed for more flexibility, and if the designer chooses may create it as a herritage uniform for the team that is chosen.

and please, NO REMOTE LINKING IMAGES! It slows the thread down.

so now sports fans and designers of CCSLP, enter Crossover Stadium as we scare up some more Crossover Stadium madness this Halloween!!

*bites into yellow bell pepper*

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fukui: welcome back ladies and gentleman to Crossover Stadium. Happy Halloween to all as we get set for this Halloween battle. Amid all the pumpkins and spider webs here we definitly have a festive scene. Im your commentator Kenji Fukui and alongside me our analyst Dr. Yukio Hattori

doc hattori: always a pleasure

fukui: so doc you plan on doing any trick or treating this year?

doc hattori: heh heh afraid not fukui-san. I dont think any of my old Halloween costumes fit anymore


fukui: what was that?

doc hattori: I dont know, must be the wind

fukui: well speaking of costumed individuals lets bring him on, chairman SHB!


Halloween is one of those times of year to let go. The one time of year one can dress as whoever, whatever thier hearts desire. I thought long and hard on this theme, but I came to a conclusion. I chose a sport for which a certain piece of equipment from that sport was made famous by a certain series of horror movies. and the team, well, this team may invoke feelings of hatred in many of you. However I felt it appropriate for Halloween to choose a team that has a fanbase notorious for arriving at the games in costume...

yes, that team and that sport!

Kyoono tema wa kore desu! (we unveil the ingredient!)




this battle's theme is:




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Having barely made it to the stadium on time, Suigi makes a mad dash for the LogoServer.

Suigi: The Raiders logo is really really bland. I need to do something to spruce it up...but what?

Glancing carefully at his collection of logos collected just before TheSLE shut down, he takes his time in selecting a theme.

Suigi: It's high time I used my spriting abilities to their fullest. Expect some great things in my next jersey. Here's a hint:


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In the lair:

Saintsfan: Hey grovelling assistant, put down your pumpkin lantern and come and look and the ingredients for this weeks iron crossover!

Assistant: Hmmm, the raiders in the NHL hmmm, very interesting, and challenging, seens as how plain the Raiders jersey is and how 'un plain' NHL jerseys can be!

Saintsfan: Hmmm this will take all my thought power to come up with a great concept, plans for world domination will be halted briefly!

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'yes, ohto'

'it seems as if we have a new entrant in this crossover battle....his name is joel_fiasco and he has been following these battles for quite some time now, his favorite ingredients are hockey jerseys, baseball caps, football helmets, and logos....he said he wants to enter crossover stadium with a bang and shake things up like a martini'

'hahahaha.....very interesting, ohto...'

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As the crowd sits idle in Crossover Stadium waiting for the action to heat up, a familiar sound is heard eminating from the speakers. "Disco's Revenge" by Gusto can be heard echoing throughout the stadium. At first, it lulls silently. But the few in the upper deck who can make it out suddenly grow big sheepish smiles. They know what's coming. And as the music gets louder, so do the fans as they realize just what's happening. The crowd goes wild practically drowning Fukui as he speaks.

Fukui: Ladies and gentlemen, he's the St. Louis Blues of Crossover Stadium. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Will this be his...time?

Crowd gives a hearty squeal as Fukui chuckles.

Fukui: Now for the second-most long awaited return ever (besides Taco, of course)...Give it up for RRrrrrrrrogerrrr Tiiiiiiiiiiiiime? Clllllllllemmmmmentteeeeeeeee.

Crowd loses it. Clemente enters the stadium bowl with his easel, blushing incredibly. He blows kisses and waves to the crowd as a chant of "TIME?!" "TIME?!" "TIME?!" erupts. Clemente makes his way towards center stage. He bows first to Fukui, and then to the judges. He looks to his right and notices his newest competiton, joel_fiasco. Clemente humbly bows to Fiasco, as Fiasco bows back, completely in awe of the classic competitor. Clemente takes center stage.

Roger Clemente: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. I am forever indebted to you all for such rousing support in this truely special Crossover challenge.

Clemente takes a pause to hear the crowd cheer it back up...it is almost deafening.

Roger Clemente: Thank you, thank you. You are all too kind. And now the moment you have all been waiting for....

Long pause

Roger Clemente: Voila!

The curtain is raised on another Clemente masterpiece: (copy and paste)


Crowd goes bananas and cheers wildly as Clemente leaps into the air and absorbs all the energy. He then turns into a thin blue vertical line and teleports out, leaving the audience in true rapture.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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Fukui: Ladies and gentlemen, he's the St. Louis Blues of Crossover Stadium. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

I'll take bridesmaid -- hell, most of the time we leave the wedding before the rice hits the floor!

And addressing your product - Well done.  Granted, it invites comparisons to the Gretzky-era Kings uniform, but given the color scheme the participants are dealing with, it's going to be hard to avoid comparisons unless you go with a unique striping scheme.

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Suigi quickly bolts to the front of the line in the download cache at Logo.nino.ru, offing a few other contestants on the way.

RC: Hey, watch where you're going, twat!

Suigi: RC, gonna need your template again. Grazie!

Suigi promptly runs off, template in tow.

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9er: Without the aid of the SLE, along with many others, I have finished my creation.

9er pulls back the curtain, reavealing his rendition of a Raiders hockey jersey

Crowd screams in unison YOU MISSPELLED BILETNIKOFF!!!


Copy & Paste :P

P.S...I used the old-school Raider logo as the crest on my black jersey. If that's not kosher, holler and I'll do a crest implant. :D

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ok, it seems that we are lacking for quality NFL resources due to a certain logo site we are not allowed to talk about here closing, and the fact that a certain OTHER logo site has yet to unveil its NFL section  :P , here is a Raiders logo. Its a raster image though (I cant open ai images on my comp) and Im remote linking it so all you gotta do is the "save picture" thing when you right click. other then this, NO REMOTE LINKING!


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fukui: we are one day into this Oakland Raiders hockey battle and thus far we have three concepts completed. whats your take so far doc?

doc hattori: well they are more the quailty concepts especially when you consider the lack of resources at the beginning of the battle. however our chairman has graciously supplied the combatants with a logo to put to use now.

fukui: it looks like roger clemente, always a strong contender that just cant get over that hump in past battles, has another strong design with his logo edit

doc hattori: yes the helmet edit on the logo is indeed top notch and this might just be "time?" for roger to beat down that door to victory

ch ch ch ha ha ha

fukui: what...IS that noise!!?

doc hattori: someone must have left a window open or something.....

ohta: fukui-san!

fukui: go!

ohta: apparently 49erfan15 has used what I would like to call a "negative image" of the current raiders logo on his dark jersey, and I did a quick rules check and it is confirmed that it is okay and will qualify for voting!

fukui: okay, thanks big guy! stay tuned folks things are gonna get wild here before we know it!

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Fukui: And making a bedraggled entrance into Crossover Stadium is Suigi, carrying with him...wait a sec, that's not the Raiders logo! What's going on here?

Hattori: It looks like he got the wrong one at the LogoServer.

Ohta: Fukui-san!

Fukui: Yes, go ahead Ohta!

Ohta: I've just been told that Suigi's finally gotten to work on the concept, and has plans for a colour change in the Raiders uniform.

Fukui: Now that's encouraging! For once, Suigi's the innovator, injecting some colour into the silver and black.

(pardon the extra Us. It really does bite being a Canadian, eh?

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Fukui: Merciful Lord! What in the world was that horrendous crash?

Hattori: I'm not sure, but it seemed to come from the same place as that torrent of swearing.

Suigi: ^%%$*A#S%(#*%!

Ohta: Fukui-san! Bad news!

Fukui: Suigi again, right?

Ohta: Yup. I was right near him when his logo easel crashed over onto his jersey, and then, well...everything fell on top of him.

Suigi: It's okay...I'll be fine (ow)...Just let me greyscale this sucker...

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