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Best Logo in NBA


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Celtics and Bulls, and perhaps throw in the Sonics and Kings.

And the worst is probably, well i hate the Sixers logo and New York, wtf those logoos could be for anything, especially knicks. Best team name tho, i'd have to say the Heat is pretty good for miami, and timberwolves and Pistons. Worst name for the city, UTAH

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As much as I don't like their uniforms, the Mavs' alternate logo is pretty great:


I really like the old Pistons alternate logo, too... maybe it's something about horses:


And this old Raptors alt logo looks... for lack of a better word... cute?


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<homer response> Lakers! </homer response>

Seriously, though, I'm a big fan of the Spurs, Heat, T'wolves and Grizzlies logos.

As for logos I don't care for as much, Mavs (the maverick's head looks a tad scrunched in the logo), Warriors (where exactly is the "warrios" in that logo, it looks like an iron man), and the new Bucks logo (red and green is good for Christmas, bad for everything else)

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I know the primary sucks, but this one's IMO amazing.


Rumour has it the Raptors will officially make this the primary come next season, thus finishing the trasition from the childish identity to a respectible one.

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Best logo in the league? Hmmm...tough question, but I'd have to say my two favorites are Dallas and (I know I'm gonna get some flak for this) Golden State.

As a side note: one thing I continue to wonder about that Suns' alt logo: why don't they just redo the text on it and make it the primary? It fits their current uni scheme much better than the recolored old logo does.

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What could possibly be good about the new Jazz uniforms.

The thread is about logos, not unis.

Okay, logo, then. They took the unique color scheme and details out of it. It's not as these were extraneous elements, either: it was all there for a reason. Now this logo says nothing other than "we're on the double-blue bandwagon."

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we're on the double-blue bandwagon

...but with purple. Nuggets and Grizzlies BOTH threw yellow in there. Jazz are unique.

The purple would mean something if they used it in their uniforms. As it stands the uniforms are two-toned blue with no purple what so ever. IMO the purple in the Jazz's "new" logo looks like it was added as an after thought.

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Stop with the homerism!


Classic look, updated with colors. Doesn't try to look all "hip" or anything.


There's a reason it's been around for forty years. It's bold, fierce, and clean without being overly "edgy".


Clean, crisp, without too many colors.

Noteable mentions go to: Nets, Sonics

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