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Worst soccer socks ever!


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I thought I had seen it all -- the single stripe on the Puma socks, the squigglies on the Nike Park socks, and the sponsorships on Mexican club socks (OXXO for Jaguares and Tigres).


Boca Juniors wore argyle socks last Sunday against Banfield.



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Argyle Socks?

I scoff at them. I point and laugh.

In 5 years time they will be an answer to a trivia question "who really wore this rubbish in a real game?"

As for the others, meh, I don't care either way. The ads are small. On the field they'd probably blend in.

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It's different, it's soccer--no big deal--I kind of think they fit--but if this were the CFL or NHL, I'd be retching right about now---but for soccer they work.

Yah, your right soccer is different, soccer teams can do some crazy things and get away with it. I think it's becasue there's so many soccer clubs that want to look unique, they come up with these designs.

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