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Hall-Bound Current NFL Players


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I started a topic about this way back, but didn't seem to get a lot of responses, and I'm hoping for more this time. I really enjoy speculating, for any sport, which players might be hall of famers, and I've been thinking a lot recently about NFL players who may end up in the hall. So, of current players I'm wondering what everybody's thoughts are on who will end up being inducted. I'm eager to see your predictions. I'll give my own later.

















Special Teams:




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Marshall Faulk is not officially retired, he MAY comeback next year, though it's doubtful. Eitherway, he's, ya know, basically a sure thing.

Isaac Bruce I believe is pretty likely as well.

And I'm not sure whether we're predicting for the results of careers or whether we're saying guys who have already earned it, but Torry Holt is pretty likely with the pace he's on.

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Ray Lewis

Tom Brady

Adam Vinatieri

Richard Seymour - maybe

Junior Seau

Jonathan Ogden

Chris Mcallister - Maybe

Champ Bailey - possibly

Peyton Manning

Marvin Harrison

Terrell Owens - maybe

Randy Moss - Needs to get his act together

Warren Sapp - a lock

Tory Holt - fastest player to reach 10000 yards

Brett Favre

Runningbacks is a different topic, there seems to be no sure lock, as the new millenium era hasnt featured one dominant running back.


Tomlinson, Shaun Alexander, Tiki Barber,

but one guy who is a lock to make it, if he can have maybe four more years of 1000 yard rushing seasons is Jamal Lewis....

-superbowl champ...102 yards in SB35

-2003 OPOY

-2k rusher

-single game rushing record

-all this guy needs is a few more 1000 yard seasons and he's set.

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Howabout Mike Alstott? 6 Straight Pro Bowls, Record Holder for most touch downs in Buccaneers history, Super Bowl Ring.

Well, you DID make Fullback an option...

Yeah, and from the same team...Mr. Derrick Brooks and a maybe former one...John Lynch???

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Isaac Bruce I believe is pretty likely as well.

Although he probably should, I don't think he will. It seems there are so many WRs with great stats that the bar is set pretty high now. Torry Holt will make it if he keeps his current pace for years to come, but Isaac Bruce will more than likely fall short.

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Two of the names I was going to say have already been menitoned...Derrick Brooks and Ronde Barber. John Lynch, perhaps? He should. Warren Sapp? He may ride borderline for a while but I think eventually he'll get in. And Mike Alstott...he should get in, but probably won't. (All these guys, by the way, ARE a lock for the Buccaneer HOF.)

Brett Favre we all know is getting in. So is Peyton Manning, SB ring or not. I'd also like to think LaDanian Tomlinson is going to make it, too. Possibly Shaun Alexander, too. And Walter Jones. And--and I may be reaching on this--just probably just based off popularity, Michael Vick. (Although if the Falcon coaches take the reins off this guy and I see some more of what I saw Sunday aginst the Steelers, and he keeps that up, he'll DEFINITELY be up in there.) Trent Green? If more people would pay attention to him, he could warent a look. And oh--Reggie Bush, if he can keep it up, is in. Wanna know who else I think is gon make it? Keyshawn Johnson and (definitely) Hines Ward. Oh--and Carsn Palmer, too, if he can keep it going.

Defense? Oh yeah--Ray-Ray Lewis gon' make it in there. If Shawne Merriman keeps playing the way his is, he'll make it too. It seems that LofaTatupu isn't having as good a year this year as last, but a couple more seasons like his rookie year and he'll be in there.

But that's just my two rusted Lincolns for now.

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Brian Urlacher

Not so fast. He's borderline if he's even going to be considered.

Borderline? After this season he'll definitely have 6 Pro Bowl appearances, possibly a second Defensive POY award and maybe a Super Bowl. He still has at least 5 good seasons left.

If he continues to play the way he has, he'll have to be considered one of the greatest to play the position.

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