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Oregon Basketball in black unis


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I've seen this in football with UAB and with previous Oregon bball unis. There isn't enough contrast between the black and the dark green, so the only thing you see out of the darkness is the yellow. The green is hardly a compliment if you have to look to see it, especially on tv. If it was a lighter shade of green, these would look nicer, but it wouldn't be Oregon's Nike color. (They used to have a different shade)

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Wow, it's unusual that I go against the growing tide of black jerseys but...no.

Oregon should be green with yellow accents and maybe a touch of black. These are far and away better than the football looks, and the yellow comes out very clean against the dark shades, but...as was said, the green (I thought it was a shade of gray) and black don't contrast enough. Nope, not my bag.

And as I'm not a fan of gray basketball uni sets either, this looks like it's one of the worst-dressed games of roundball I've ever seen.

(Wow, I'm so negative tonight...what's getting wrong with me?)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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