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Pro Bowl 2007


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I just got back from Hawaii from the 2007 Pro bowl and I thought Id share some pics I took, and if I can figure out Photobucket ill even share some video, including that pummeling hit that Springs laid on Mooreman. I swear I could feel it ten rows up!!!! Anyway, it was an awesome game, and here are some Pics!!







I Thought this was odd. Every player walked off the bus with a league helmet. Royal Blue with a white logo for the NFC, and this for the AFC. It looked to me like they were gonna wear them in the game but they didnt.




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WOW, that's a kickass experience. Even though I probably would've tried to sabotage it so that I went somehow instead of you (:P), I'm happy you got to go. Must've been awesome.

And that Moorman hit was ridiculous.

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out of curiosity, how much did Pro Bowl tix run you?

They keep getting progressively more expensive. They were like $50 the first year I went in 01, $75 the second in 02, and they were about $110 this year.

One thing though. If any of you want to catch a major sport All Star Game, I DEFINATELY suggest the pro Bowl. I mean sure, the game itself isnt that exciting, but really, what ASG is? What really makes it exciting is all the extra events, like the practices, the fun games at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, the NFL Experience (Especially for you Memorabilia collectors), the players all around Waikiki, the HUGE Block Party the night before the game on Waikiki's main street (Its really a Mardi Gras atmosphere), and just the simple fact your in Hawaii. I love going to the Pro Bowl and am really lucky that I have a dad that feels the same way. Anyway, ill post some more pics and hopefully some video as soon as Photobucket stops giving me problems.

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Sounds like a blast. If I ever get the time and money I want to go to a Pro Bowl.

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