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Former Celtics Great Dennis Johnson Passes Away


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my mom told be this story..

"When I was 20 years old I was at home from college for the summer, and we found this really cool dog, that I absolutly fell in love with, and after about a week we posted up "found dog" signs around the neighborhood, the dog belonged to Dennis Johnson, who lived down the street."

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DJ was one of those few players on a rival team that you couldn't help but to like. I still remember the play like yesterday when bird stole the inbound pass and DJ put the nail in the coffin in '87. tore my heart out, but it was DJ, so it was ok.

like i said to jigga earlier, DJ was a quietly fantastic basketball player, and by all accounts a true gentleman. he will be missed, not only as a great player and coach, but as a symbol that players nowadays should strive to become.

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He was one of key reasons Seattle has its one and only professional championship.

Thread title should read:

Former Celtics and Sonics Great Dennis Johnson Passes Away

Let's not dismiss the team that drafted him and helped him earn his first ring.

Sad and tragic of course, no matter which team you remember more fondly.

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